Even though we pitch digital marketing as a mid-term business investment, we do suggest looking into your extended options.

On this topic, investing your money can be a daunting prospect. But done correctly, you should see a substantial financial return.

We appreciate, however, that knowing where to start if you’ve never invested before can be tricky.

Whether you’ve made a few small investments before, but are keen to dabble in new areas, or you’re entirely new – below are five great investment opportunities to consider:


Real estate has always been considered a worthwhile way of investing your money and generating passive income over long periods.

With enough properties in your portfolio, you can quickly render a sizable full-time income. Still, there are, of course, some drawbacks. 

Investing in property is one of the most time-consuming options on this list. That’s unless you go through a property management company.

And, of course, there’s the risk of losing money if the property market flops.

As such, timing counts for a lot with property investment, so it’s always worth consulting with a pro before committing your hard-earned cash.

Stocks and Shares

Investing in stocks and shares is the most popular and straightforward investment option there is.

A stock is essentially part-ownership of a public trading company.

Of course, you’re only getting a fraction of the company in question. However, if your chosen company does well, so do you! Once you’ve invested in a company’s stocks, just sit back and watch what happens, it really is as simple as that! 


Investing in gold bullion may sound a little extravagant.

Still, it’s actually one of the most common types of investment, and when done right, it can be lucrative. 

First of all, gold is as valuable as ever. Still, much like other assets, its value rises and falls regularly. So, this isn’t an investment to rush into – you’ll want to do your homework beforehand to ensure it’s the right move for you. That said, having it in your investment portfolio can help hedge against inflation. 


Bonds essentially work as a loan from you (the investor) to an entity, whether that be a government or a corporation to fund specific projects.

With bond investments, you’re expected to receive regular interest for the duration of your loan period. Once the loan period ends, you get your loan back in full.

This is a fabulous investment opportunity if there’s a worthy cause you want to support, and if you have the initial money to loan. That said, bonds usually generate a lower return compared to other types of investments.


Pension plans are pretty essential for most of us.

They ensure some financial security for later on in life when we retire. With this type of investment, you’re literally investing in your future. By putting some money aside now, you ensure you can maintain your standard of living without having to work. What’s more is that many pension schemes now offer additional benefits, such as insurance cover, making it all the more worthwhile.

And the best bit? Paying money into a retirement scheme while you’re working means you don’t pay taxes on it until it’s withdrawn at retirement age. Usually, when that happens, it’s part of a much lower tax bracket.

This blog was produced in collaboration with Court of Protection Solicitors: Thaliwal and Veja.