How do I take a better photo?

A starry-eyed PHOTOPHILE will ask this question from every person who has a camera in his hand.

Back in the days – when smartphones were not common – good photography was a labour-intensive process.

There was a need for a good fancy camera and editing software for desktop computers.

Additionally, a serious amount of time and energy was required in learning and using the software.

Today, thanks to the mobile devices, cameras and the editing apps that come with them, there is no need for such laborious work.

Instead, the role of a professional photographer has evolved to understand your marketing and branding needs.

Put simply, high quality, visual content is the need of time. Especially in businesses and marketing, the power of visual communication makes a whole lot of difference, when executed the right way.

Importance of Good Photography

Poorly lit, shot from a bad angle and not good enough for print quality are some of the indicators of bad photography.

Big companies hire professionals like graphic designers, creative art directors and photographers to take care of their marketing campaigns, for a reason.

Their visual representation is always, and needs to be, up to the mark.

In their presence, smaller setups need to up their game too. They have to balance product and marketing with a sound visual representation.

Good Marketing Photos Market “Good”

Visual Marketing is an unspoken language of communication.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t acknowledge the significance of quality marketing photography.

They are not aware that proper styling and consistent images will help them deliver quality.

If they start doing it, they will triumphantly tell their story and create an alignment across their brand.

For instance, look at the following statistics from MDG Advertising Infographic:

  • Content that has relevant images averaged 94% more views than content without images.
  • A press release that has photos gets on average 15% more views than a text-only press release.
  • 60% of consumers searching online say they prefer contacting a business whose listing comprises images.
  • Around 70% of e-commerce online shoppers admit that the product image is very important when making a purchase decision.

Take example of different scenarios:

Hotel Photography

Hotels get evaluated mostly online these days. And it happens within a few seconds.

To begin, displaying pictures of your hotel on every platform is universally conveying a message.

And that message is understood in all languages and countries.

In short, photographs have the energy to form an instant impression, without a need of plentiful mental processing.

The Type of Photographer Needed for Hotels

It varies on your brand position.

But it is better not to hire a lifestyle photographer. They insist on using models, makeup artists and food stylists. And doing so has many problems.

Firstly, the photos will look “too good” and it will create too many expectations which can backfire if not met.

Instead, hire a photographer skilled in architecture and interior designing.

It will give you the following benefits:

  • They are skilled to work with natural light
  • Have the right equipment for interior
  • They prefer wide angle rectilinear lenses over tilt shift lenses
  • If needed, they will deploy camera flash to get perfect shot
  • Lastly, they have equipment most suited for architectural photography

So the bottom line is, a photographer specialized in Architecture and Interior design is better for Hotel Photography than one specialized in Lifestyle and Real Estate.

A Real Estate photographer specialised in taking quick shots without giving much consideration for mood, styling, and minute detail.

General Photographers, specialised in Weddings and Portrait photos can also work here

The Type of Photographer Needed for Restaurants

Although it looks quite easy, food photography is very subtle.

A little difference in angle, lighting, and composition can make the photo appetizing or plain.

Professional food photographers are trained to know the composition. They create images that tell stories.

Here are a few tips for hiring a good Restaurant Photographer:

  • Firstly, shortlist the photographers that are in contact
  • See if the photographer has the professional gear and does he/she know how to operate it.
  • Check their edited photos and ask for originals
  • How creative are they? Do colors look natural for what they are depicting?
  • Is the photographer willing to work with ideas of restaurant owners and chefs?

Get Customer Attention and Keep It

Compare the pictures of food items from a local restaurant menu to that of McDonald’s, for instance.

There is no competition. The local restaurant may have healthier food.

In fact, it can have some of the best-tasting food in the locality.

But, if their marketing photographs are not right and they are not communicating well, there is a high chance customers will head into a nearby McDonalds.

Therefore, small restaurants need to improve their visual content to compete in the battlefield of giant marketers.

The phrase “you eat with your eyes first” is indeed relevant in this context.


Your potential buyers are online searchers. Serve them with good visuals because

  • Visual representation is important
  • It is understood in every culture
  • It increase sales

Now before walking away at the thought of professional photographers, do think about the money it could actually generate.

After all, it is about your brand image.

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