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If at some point, you are thinking – my sales do not work that way. Just remember that you need to be speaking the language of the client.

Most people think that hiring an architect is a direct science.

Someone needs an architect, they post or enquire about it, and boom you have a job on your hand.

But, the reality is, you are not the only option.

In fact, even though architecture is a niche market, the chances are that you are competing against multiple, fellow big boys. And, these big boys have been around for ages and know how to play the game.

Simply offering a cheaper alternative may get you jobs. But, the chances are, once you are set in a bracket, you will have to fight to change that for the rest of eternity.

You need a different hook.

You need to ask the question – what makes your business different?

Matching the Right Fits

From a superficial, outward understanding, you need to be the right fit for the job.

But, without understanding the nature of your potential client or doing some sort of discourse analysis from a given set of information, you are playing the guessing game.

(We are assuming that the job description is written by the organisation looking for your services. In reality, an organisation writing their own descriptions is quite rare. This invalidates your chances of any discourse analysis and understanding the hidden meaning. Talking of discourse, we wrote a blog about it here).

But, you will cease to exist if you do not match with the right fits. (Or you will become one of those businesses that constantly complain about their customers. Such a happy bunch).

You need that hook. You need that something that will connect you with any potential client.  

Good news for you. We believe we have cracked the code.

The code is establishing an understanding of needs of the client – building trust with them before diving into specifics. Let’s ask a simple question.

What is the One Common Thing in all Forms of Construction?

This is a strong question.

One that will make you stop and think. (We are hoping that you are the thinking type or we are wasting each other’s time).

Is the answer to our question construction materials? Search for great locations? An end goal of maintaining value? You are not wrong. But, there is a deeper commonality.

First, let’s draw a picture.

Someone has a development project. They start off by looking for an architect. What happens next?

  1. They get descriptions of why a certain design is functional.
  2. Applicants try to prove that they are the masters of the field when their portfolio draws a different picture.
  3. They get to see some amazing pictures. These pictures are not just from projects, they are mostly inspirations.
  4. Huge heaps of research is thrown in their face, basically trying to impress them.

But, the organisation looking for an architect ends up being confused.

Well, no smart person wants any of this.

They may be interested in one of the stated aspects, but this is clearly an overdoing. We are still missing the common ground. Here, we go.

The Deeper Reason for hiring an architect

All development projects are meant to be for humans, in one form or another. (Even zoos are for humans).

In other words, all construction projects are meant to improve the living state of a set of humans.

So, in the simplest way possible, an organisation is more likely to hire an architect that talks about the humans that the building is meant to be for.

If it is a commercial project, they will choose the architect that talks about a great working environment. If it is domestic, they will choose the one who talks about family and comfort.

Don’t get us wrong. Technicalities have a place of their own. One cannot be an architect without understanding the technical.

But, you are in the business of more than the technicality. You fulfil a basic human need. You construct physical spaces that mean more than the physical.

Hire an architect that shares this passion and will bring the human side to your project.

Do some research and show them that you understand. (Don’t forget to bring the technical in the second meeting after understanding the needs of the client).

We, Axies Digital, brings this thinking into our business at all levels. Don’t worry, we understand the technical too. (You don’t just magically become a top 10 digital marketing agency across the UK in 6 cities. We just play the game differently).

We understand your needs and we understand the needs of your clients. All we need is a bit of time with the both of you and bada bean bada boom – no no we are not doing that again – you get the idea. (We just combine data with digital psychology – it’s fun).

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