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SEO is not rocket science.

However, in order to do your SEO properly, you need some key ingredients. These ingredients include understanding your target audience, developing content that resonates well with your target audience, and possibly the most challenging, building valuable backlinks, among others.

Backlinks are where problems begin.

Directory Backlinks

The easiest option to grab a backlink is through online business directories

Online directories are websites exclusively designed to showcase and advertise businesses. 

Such directories played a major role during the rise of internet. At a time when most businesses did not have exclusive websites, directories played the role of connecting customers with products and services. 

However, given the limited value in registering in most directories now, the overall importance of online directories has declined. (Directories still work for certain age groups and for some directory services who have spun their services to stay relevant). 

But, here, you need to realise that, apart from an effort in finding a directory, given that most listings are free anyways, there are almost no barriers to registering on a directory. Logically then, Google has reduced the value it assigns to a backlink coming from a directory as well.

In any case, if a service is charging you to register on a directory, chances are that they have compiled a list of thousands and will throw your business in automatically on each directory. As a result, this may be flagged as spammy behaviour and do more harm than good for you. 

In any case, a directory backlink is still valuable. However, the said value has decreased quite a bit in the last few years. 

Affiliate and Paid Links

We are on ladder two now – affiliate and paid links.

In other words, there are certain content creators, mainly bloggers, who charge for providing a link. This is such a thriving area in marketing that major services are built around providing such links, connecting bloggers with businesses. 

However, again, the barrier to entry is quite low. For as low as £50, you can earn yourself a link from a blogging site.

But, again, how Google perceives such links is questionable.

Given that the whole model of such bloggers is around affiliation, you are not the only business, getting a link here. In fact, each blog may have 5-10 paid links with limited interconnection. As a result, the content and link quality is questionable here again. 

High Domain Authority Backlinks

This section is somewhat connected to the last.

The way pricing works for affiliate marketing is usually based on domain authority.

To begin, domain authority is merely an indicator of chances of ranking high, instead of an actual measure. In addition, domain authority comes from Moz, instead of Google itself.

To give an example, we rank on page 1 for ‘digital marketing agency London’ with a domain authority under 20. Everyone else around us on page 1 has a domain authority between 30 and 40. In addition, there is no visible pattern between rankings and domain authority. 

In fact, there are cases of high domain authority websites banned from ranking on Google completely. This happens when such websites have used spammy techniques to achieve the high domain authorities, for example, and ironically, through gaining illegal links. 

And, this is where the difference between high and low quality SEO services come too.

Gaining Links

We are often asked why are our services more expensive.

The simple answer is, the amount of effort we put into getting you relevant links is the real price differentiator.

Every link we gain for our partners is based on weeks, and sometimes months, of building a relationship with businesses within your sector. Our network is neither dishing out links not they gain in a monetary way from it directly. In fact, we make sure that the content produced for them is within the needed boundaries of ethical content and link building, propelling the business of link giver itself. In short, everyone comes out as a winner.

As a result, each link gained for you is of the highest quality and contributes positively to your SEO campaigns –  no matter what the involving domain authorities are. 

To learn more, get in touch with us today. 

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