The year 2023 just keeps getting better with news that Colle McVoy, a full-service marketing agency, and its specialty design practice, 10 Thousand Design, have been named as the shopper marketing firm of record for HARIBO – America’s most popular gummy brand. 

By Spring of 2024, creative breakthroughs are anticipated to take place, with the mission being to encourage moments of joy in retail establishments across America with bold and imaginative graphics for special events, like holidays, along with larger store-wide promotional efforts. Let’s explore how this recent collaboration will benefit both HARIBO and Colle McVoy.

HARIBO, How Did It All Start?

Established in the 1920’s in Bonn, Germany, HARIBO boasts a century-old legacy of delivering delightful treats crafted with love, care and quality. From the iconic Gold Bears to their wide variety of squishy gummies and chewy candy, each product is designed with joy in mind, delivering moments of childlike happiness for their loyal fans all around the world.

With its establishment starting with Hans Riegel, the family-owned business has been around for generations. Now a global leader in the manufacturing of gummy products, the company boasts 7,000 employees worldwide, with a total of 16 production sites spread across 10 countries.

What Does This Partnership Mean for HARIBO?

Seth Klugherz, Vice President of Marketing for HARIBO of America, Inc. expressed his delight in the new partnership with Colle McVoy: “The Haribo brand is incredibly popular and we are so pleased to have found a collaboration that not only reflects our values but also fully supports our distinct mission.”

This strategic collaboration will bring the beloved HARIBO brand to life in retail locations all over the United States. Through innovative visuals and promotional campaigns, they are aiming to deliver spur-of-the-moment joy that will bring smiles to people all around the world.

They strive to promote their gummy bears and other sweets through creative displays that embody fun and lightheartedness. Customers can also take home limited edition treats, as HARIBO plans to continually come up with creative packaging for special occasions and holidays, which will be dynamically marketed through this collaboration.

What Does This Mean for Colle McVoy?

Jessica Henrichs, President of Colle McVoy, is overjoyed to partner with Haribo and make their delightful products available in stores.  She affirms: “Haribo brings joy to everyone–no matter the age! It’s really special being able to provide such a unique experience that only Haribo can offer by providing top tier in-store experiences.”

Colle McVoy has been given the unique opportunity to utilise their extensive shopper marketing know-how and cutting-edge creativity to bring delightful experiences into the retail realm of HARIBO. By joining forces with this iconic brand, they will be able to develop campaigns that are both meaningful and captivating.

Colle McVoy will also have the chance to take their outreach further with this incredible opening, and expand their client base at the same time. There is no doubt that the union between HARIBO and Colle McVoy holds immense opportunity and potential for both sides, as they look to bring joyous moments into everyday living.

To Summarise, What Can We Expect?

It’s clear to expect and anticipate a magnificent 2023 with Colle McVoy’s budding tie-up with HARIBO, only to be topped by an even more remarkable 2024 once customers begin to see the efforts of this partnering in stores!

With the inspired and creative display graphics designed around key seasonal moments, and larger promotional initiatives designed specifically to bring smiles to customers everywhere, we can look forward to seeing how this dynamic team brings joy into retail stores across America soon!