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The idea for this blog comes from a recent article by Jose Duarte on Ad Age. You can check the original article here.~


Let’s start by clarifying one thing. Trying to go viral is not a strategy. (Do not listen to any business gurus that tell you otherwise). And, going viral does not always translate into business and success.

Now that we have cleared the air, let’s move forward with the clarification of where you should be exerting your efforts in terms of using social media for business.

The Beginnings

When social media started taking off, no one understood the effect it could have, let alone on businesses. It was simply a space to share.

But, then some posts went viral. We still know “ charlie bit my finger” and “chocolate rain”. And, this happened randomly.

We need to remember one thing – there is no direct science to going viral. Even when strategists try to specify what goes viral, an egg comes along and cancels everything.

You are simply better off putting your efforts elsewhere. And, there are different layers to the usage.

(Let’s clear one other thing, if you still go viral, good for you).

Using Social Media to Generate Brand Awareness

At the most basic level, social media is the platform for you to generate awareness.

More specifically, you need to use social media to generate awareness around your brand. You need to clarify what you stand for.

Over time, you need to provide further context to the aim of awareness. Put simply, you need to feed your audience in smaller chunks – you need to sustain a long term relationship.

But, you need to keep another thing in mind. With the maturity of social media, it has gotten harder to simply focus on awareness and context. You need to take your use of social media to the next level.

Shaping Opinions

I am sure, most of you are trying to use social media to generate conversions and loyalty towards your brand.

But, there is an intermediate step before you can jump on the goal.

Social media is an excellent platform to generate appropriate opinions about your business. It is a constant channel to broadcast content with the power to shape that opinion.

Your goal then should be to construct the right form of opinion; the right kind of association with your business. People, that find the fit appropriate are then converted made advocates of your brand. These are the people who will do business with you in the long term.

You are not creating the next viral thing. Simply, you are making the next hit.

That’s about it. If you keep your aim of using social media simple – shaping the appropriate opinions – you have mastered the use of social media.

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