In recent years, there has been a significant trend where an increasing number of young people are opting to bring about drastic changes in their lives. The world is witnessing youngsters in their twenties abandon their desired careers, sell or move out of their familiar homes, and choose to embark on a journey with undefined future plans.

This phenomenon and group has been named “Generation Z,” referring to the individuals who are seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. But what are the reasons behind so many young people seeking such a radical change? Let’s take a look at some reasons why Gen Z are walking down a different path.

‘Gig Economy’ and Job Market Instability

The shift towards the gig economy can be attributed to the current job market’s instability. In the last decade, there has been a rise in temporary, contractual and zero-hour roles, which do not offer or provide young people with the job security they need or regular guaranteed pay.

This uncertainty has led to a high level of anxiety and insecurity within the youngsters, therefore, in an effort to escape this cycle, many are looking for alternative ways to live, which has resulted in many choosing to leave their current job and instead seek refuge and solace in travel or other non-traditional work opportunities.

The Rise of Social Media

The second reason that there is a growing shift away from traditional lifestyles is due to the rise of social media. The platform creates a false sense of reality in many people’s lives, as they see others living their best lives online, portraying an image of adventure, happiness and financial freedom.

This has undoubtedly led to a growing desire among young people to seek out more fulfilling experiences beyond their current existence. It’s become apparent to many that they too can embark on this kind of adventurous lifestyle that many social media influencers promote, though they may not always fully understand the unrealistic expectations that can come from this.

Gen Z and social media
Image Source: YPulse

Property Ladder and Housing

The increasing housing costs are also making it difficult for people to step onto the property ladder and buy their first home, with most Gen Z’s feeling that getting to buy and own a house is much harder than it was for their parents in years prior.

As a result of the situation, many people have opted to live outside of their hometown or in rental spaces instead of staying at home. They are coerced to look for areas with more affordable housing, while still being able to seek the new life experiences they crave.

Sense of Self-awareness

Another factor could be the growing trend of self-awareness in this generation. It seems that nowadays many young people are exploring themselves more and trying to figure out what they’re genuinely passionate about, with everyone else being their witnesses.

Typically, people need to push themselves beyond familiar environments in order to gain fresh experiences, acquire novel abilities, and broaden their outlook on existence. Their curiosity tends to motivate them to explore various places and destinations where they can find the answers they are looking for.

The Need To Make a Difference

Finally, it is common for Gen Z to be driven to create a positive impact in the world. Many young individuals now feel a sense of obligation to give back to causes they feel deeply about, in addition to following their personal pursuits.

This could range from choosing to address various issues, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, or simply contribute by volunteering. Therefore, numerous individuals believe that widening their knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and lifestyles is the sole method to achieve this.


Many young people in Generation Z are experiencing a level of freedom that previous generations could only imagine. They have access to a wider range of opportunities that go beyond traditional career paths, specific locations or owning a home. They have redefined success by challenging traditional standards and giving more importance to experiences rather than material possessions.

They have a strong desire to pursue their dreams and goals and are willing to take risks to achieve them; and though there are many reasons for this shift, it is mostly all positive. People are starting to prioritise what is truly meaningful to them when designing their lives.

And, ultimately, although the outcome of this change cannot be predicted, it is certain that this generation is made up of courageous individuals who are ready to question the established norms.