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The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article in The Guardian by Luke O’Neal. You can read the original article here.


Americans overuse the word ‘freedom’.

In fact, the usage of the word ‘freedom’, when referring to the US is one of mimicry and humour in general.

And, there are a few cases that justify the American freedom jokes even further. One such occasion was the recent rebranding of fossil fuels as ‘freedom gas’ by the US Energy Department.

In terms of marketing, we were thinking – doesn’t this already happen across businesses. Fake rebrandings is a common occurrence.

What is a Rebranding

Before going deeper, it is useful to scrap the surface of rebranding. 

In marketing language, rebranding is the strategy of developing a differentiated identity for a business through new additions. Such new additions can take the form of a new logo, design, concept, or even name for a business or product.

However, rebranding means far more. 

Consumer behavioural association is what forms a brand. Therefore, rebranding is the act of changing the said association. And, in order to change the association, a business must change its deeper actions that give meaning to the desired associations. 

In short, rebranding is not just an act of changing the visuals of your business. 

In any case, does a fake rebranding help your business?

Impact of a Fake Rebranding

We could simply kill the argument here and put out a big NO. But, it is useful to provide some level of reasoning. 

If you believe that a short attention victory is all you need to succeed, be my guest and run a fake rebranding campaign.

However, if your business is not taking off or stuttering, the reasons for this state might be deep-lying. And, therefore, a fake rebranding will not solve your issues in the long term. 

In any case, if you have chosen to rebrand and you are looking for a professional, beware of fake rebranders. And, it is not difficult to spot a faker here. (Let’s plug our branding services too).

Complete rebrandings are quite rare. So, if you come across a professional with endless rebranding stories, chances are that the marketer you are dealing with is fake.

As simple as that.

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