What We Offer

Volta Blue

The future of business networking is here!

Our focus is on forming long-lasting professional relationships for free. We utilise the mastermind concept, where 10-15 business leaders discuss their business challenges and collectively overcome them during each session.

Plus, we filter out anyone who only focuses on trying to sell you their products and services.

Kankei by Axies

Our aim is to help build relationships and bring the business community together. We do this through events where inspirational and experienced business leaders share their wisdom based on previous experiences.

The talks are hosted by an interviewer and focus on 2-3 topics of which the speaker has extensive experience in. This allows us to keep the conversation interesting and specific for the audience.

SEO Masterclass

SEO is not rocket science.

Simply, SEO is a series of steps, guided by social psychology, to connect people with the right, quality search results.

Our free hour long masterclass focuses on making sure you understand the fundamentals; backlinks, content and technical SEO.

Marketing Masterclass

Helping you make the most of LinkedIn.

We share our experience of how we grew the Volta Blue network to 800+ businesses. Plus answer common questions like; what to post, when to post, how often to post and if you should include media.

More importantly, we share how we use LinkedIn to find our target audience, and form meaningful relationships.

Your First Hire

We will share our experience of how we transitioned from an owner-led business to an employer.

We understand it can be daunting, as it even took us two years to make our first full-time hire. Since then though, our team has grew by six, and we now fully understand that true growth means hiring more people.

Customer Psychology

Coming Soon…