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We are reaching new heights in product and service personalisation.

Still, most organisations treat personalisation like a buzzword – something to grab attention with.

But, in reality, most products and services have limited personalisation. And, when organisations are questioned about what they mean by personalisation, there is little that is put forward.

The Feeling Behind Personalisation

In the simplest form, and with most things in life, people associate personalisation with physical products. But, that does not need to be the case.

In an abstract fashion, personalisation is more of an exercise to connect with people at the level of feelings. This means that on the outside you are selling the same product to different clients. But, at a deeper level, the same product is fulfilling different micro-needs.

Example of SEO Personalisation

In our case, for instance, SEO as a service is quite a standard process. Your whole aim is to rank a business for specific terms.

But, when it comes down to the fulfilment of needs for each business, the targets are quite different. Those specific terms differ from one business to another. And, the reason behind targeting different forms of key terms differ from one business to another.

Communication & Sharing

At this point of the journey, it comes down to the right level of communication. Or, if you want to be more specific, the amount you are sharing with your current and potential clients.

This blog, for instance, is an effort to provide an understanding of how we think – how we pursue business. With the expenses involved, before a client comes on board our business, they have already seen our capabilities for a couple of months. They have already committed to us before we even begin formally. And, blogging is just one of the ways. Networking, sharing on social media, etc. all adds to the bigger picture.

But, Why – Enduring Involvement

In most cases, doing so saves us from repeating ourselves. (And, I hate repeating myself).

The conversations at that point are surrounding the needs of the new client, rather than explaining the whole process from scratch.

We take it to a level where we are even willing to share our specific secrets. This is because our value as a business does not come from singleton secrets. It’s about the whole picture. It is about understanding that the smaller bits combine in the right sequence and the right portions to build the success in the long run.

And, the process of sharing – the process of making your customers a part of your team – is called enduring involvement.

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