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Do you allow your employees to use social media during work? Different people share different opinions over it but we can learn from the top dogs. For instance, Google allows employees to take part in social media, and even personal activities. There must be great positives of doing so.

Changing with Times

Business life cycles go through stages.

What you do as a start-up may not be tasks and campaigns that you do when you are bigger. Just like a child’s personality and interests, business changes over time.

There is a high percentage, over 90%, of startups failing because we believe they struggle to get out of old habits.

The same is true for businesses who have survived for a long period of time but struggle to keep up with advancements of technology. If you stop changing with times at any point, you will struggle. (We talk more about this here).

There are some peculiar examples of living in the past in the case of some big businesses.

For instance, we see today that businesses are still attempting to collect email addresses and subscribers for their newsletters. This was possibly, highly successful 5 years ago until the arrival and expansion of distinctive social media platforms for business.

The idea of emails was unique when an overload of mailed advertisement was happening. These businesses came with a different mindset, but have sadly persisted with it.

We suggest asking yourself simple questions to make the simple changes.

Where are Your Customers?

Where is your customer spending most of their time? Any collected data will show you that it’s not emails. In fact, most emails are never even opened.

But, your customers are on social media.

And, if your customers are on social media, your staff members could indirectly become sales people just by being there. We are not just talking about posting incessantly about the business – we are talking about representing your organisation in a positive light.

Let’s go back to the Google example.

Google give its employees one day off in the month to work on project that they find interesting. They also give the option to work on your own projects for 20% of the time each day.

You do not need to follow the exact example. But, you can allow your employees to act human – to go on social media – to post, comment and engage around. You may want to specify to keep personal matters out of work, but any form of positive business interaction should be welcomed.

Changing Sales and Staff Management

There is also the employee angle of social media in itself.

Sales processes have changed. Customers want personalization and a human touch.

And staff demands are changing too. If you want to attract the best talent, you need to change your ways. Who knows you may even be able to attract a higher standard of talent for future staff roles, based on the example set by your current staff.

At Axies Digital, we encourage our employees to go on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram – engage with content. Similay, we allow them to watch YouTube if they are interested in learning a new skill. The possibilities are endless.

And, it has brought a sense of belonging and independence to our staff. They are not being overwatched and threatened to fulfil traditional expectations.

Axies Digital does not believe in micromanagement. Our goals are clear and our expectations are on the table. Our employees are free to make their own decisions and therefore, work for the betterment of the organisation on their own. They feel a part of Axies Digital, in the truest sense.

If you would like to work at Axies Digital, you can collect more information here. If you are still studying, we also offer placement programs. You can read about it here.

We are also looking into adopting the apprenticeship program. To stay on top of related news and opportunities, click here. We may have something for you in the future.

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