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Ian Morris has built his way up to the top of EHL.

Starting off as a Marketing Manager in 2012, within 2 years Ian had progressed to and is now the Group Commercial Director. His views on marketing and spotting opportunities are inspiring.

Conveyancing Service at EHL

One of the core projects that Ian is a part of is the conveyancing side of EHL.

Just to provide you some context, in property exchanges, conveyancing is the process of legal transfer of rights between two parties. And, as you can imagine, there is a wide range of target options across commercial and domestic properties.

EHL is currently putting a targeted focus on first time buyers, millennials, new parents and time poor professionals. And, the marketing strategy from Ian held our attention.

Marketing Complications

Ian believes that marketing is over-complicated these days.

There is no denying that Marketing has multiple layers. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to matching the right message with the right people at the right time. And, you can broadcast this right message by being persistent with your aim to understand the market.

Ian shares that conveying the right message opens doors. Then, the challenge is to convert the people sitting behind these doors into connections.

And, this has been his strategy for pulling big clients.

 But, there is an added challenge with trying to understand the market.

Figure Out What is Coming Next

Understanding the market is not just about what is happening now.

By the time an action is taken with such understanding, it is already too late. Therefore, in order to stay in business, it is important to be able to see what is coming.

The skill is to do something others cannot see yet. The skill is to figure out the next opportunity.

The biggest change in conveyancing is taking it from the local solicitor in the high street to an remote delivery method, giving clients the opportunity to progress a transaction online and never having to set foot in a solicitors office. EHL have been developing their teams, and alongside this their marketing for over 2 years now, to
be ready for when the larger percentage of the property buying and selling public catch on.
Understanding market change early is a fantastic opportunity, understanding what your target market will appreciate before they know it is golden. Ian mentions Gymshark as a great example of this.

The Gymshark Story

Gymshark is a exercise clothing company with an interesting background story.

Before the conception of Gymshark, exercise clothing was designed for practicality. Baggy and unflattering, exercise clothing was meant to soak sweat only.

But, Gymshark realised that most people go to gym to look better. And, the clothes for the purpose should highlight this beauty too.

And so came the fit for body clothing that does justice to gym-goers. In essence, Gymshark combined sexy with fit for purpose and bodily health to become successful.

Understanding your target market is undeniably one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy, but to find opportunity, whether that be a ‘gap’ in the market, or simply something that already exists but can be delivered in a more successful way is what truly gives businesses the edge. And, at the same time will draw appreciation from the people that buy Ian’s application of this idea of conveyancing learning from insurance at EHL has an added dimension.

He sees the digital side of things as the driver for this possible change. Good news for us.

He sees the digital side of service delivery as the driver for this possible change. Good news for us.

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