Glastonbury, England – In a daring move that captured the attention of festival-goers and pizza lovers alike, Domino’s recently pulled off an unconventional and exhilarating delivery stunt at the renowned Glastonbury music festival

Coinciding with the mesmerising headlining performance by music legend Elton John, the pizza giants introduced their own rapid delivery trial, taking inspiration from this year’s headliner and leaving attendees in awe.

Addressing the Demand for Pizza at Festivals

Recognising the insatiable demand for pizza among festival-goers, Domino’s aimed to cater to their cravings and create an unforgettable experience. Every year, the company receives a flood of peculiar requests from festival attendees attempting to sneak pizza into the event. 

Determined to satisfy these hunger pangs and enhance the festival experience, Domino’s devised their very own “rocket man” service, intending to provide sky-high satisfaction to future festival endeavours.

A No-Brainer Collaboration with Gravity Industries

The decision to embark on this extraordinary delivery trial was an easy one for Domino’s. Traditional pizza stands inside the festival grounds proved impractical, prompting the company to embrace innovation

They forged a partnership with Gravity Industries, a pioneering jet pack firm, to accomplish their mission. 

Clad in a branded Domino’s suit, the delivery person donned the futuristic jet pack and soared gracefully through the air, expertly navigating the festival grounds to deliver piping-hot pizzas directly to hungry and delighted festival-goers.

Astounded Glastonbury-Goers Applaud the Spectacle

The awe-inspiring spectacle of a jet pack delivery left Glastonbury attendees astounded. Social media platforms buzzed with excitement and photos capturing the moment went viral. 

Festival enthusiasts couldn’t contain their amazement, with one eyewitness describing the sight of the jet pack soaring over “Glasto” as an electrifying experience. 

Others confessed to never having seen a jet suit before, let alone one delivering pizzas. The witnesses eagerly expressed anticipation for the future, envisioning a day when a jet pack would gracefully land on their doorstep with a pizza. 

The Future of Efficient Delivery Takes Off

While the jet pack delivery at Glastonbury proved to be a show-stopping success, questions remain about its feasibility as a widespread delivery method. The spokesperson for Gravity Industries, the visionary company behind the jetpack technology, acknowledged the innovative yet unconventional use of their suits for pizza delivery. 

They hinted that pizza-by-jet packs could indeed represent the future of efficient delivery. However, considerations regarding cost and scalability arise. 

Gravity Industries’ jet packs start at a substantial price of approximately $483,000 (£379.900), and each jetpack can only carry two pizzas at a time. These limitations raise doubts about the practicality of Domino’s adopting this delivery method on a larger scale.

An Effective and Strategic Marketing Move

The “Rocket Man” delivery trial executed by Domino’s at the Glastonbury music festival has the potential to be a highly effective marketing strategy. By leveraging the captivating nature of jet pack technology and aligning it with the renowned festival and Elton John’s performance, Domino’s successfully generated significant buzz and captured the attention of a wide audience. 

The spectacle of jet pack deliveries and the subsequent social media engagement created a remarkable brand experience that not only resonated with festival-goers but also reached a larger online audience. This unique marketing approach showcases Domino’s as an innovative and adventurous brand, positioning them as pioneers in the food delivery industry. 

Additionally, the stunt’s viral nature and positive reception among attendees and online users serve to enhance brand visibility and create a lasting impression, potentially driving increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and ultimately, boosting sales.

Domino’s Keeps Future Plans Under Wraps

When questioned about the company’s future plans for the “rocket man” delivery service, Domino’s chose to remain tight-lipped. 

Rather than divulging specifics, they kept their strategies under wraps, leaving room for future developments and potential advancements that could revolutionise the delivery landscape. 

The company’s decision to play it close to the vest highlights their commitment to innovation and their determination to continually exceed customer expectations.


Domino’s bold and groundbreaking “Rocket Man” delivery at the Glastonbury music festival showcased their unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By combining the allure of Elton John’s headlining performance with the exhilaration of jet pack technology, Domino’s successfully captivated festival-goers and garnered widespread attention. 

While the feasibility of jet pack deliveries on a large scale may present challenges due to cost and capacity limitations, the sheer audacity and creativity of this initiative underscores Domino’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of convenience and culinary delight.

It is safe to say that as the curtains closed on another remarkable Glastonbury festival, attendees were left with a lingering sense of anticipation. They eagerly await future events where Domino’s may unleash even more groundbreaking surprises, fueling their imagination and reinforcing the belief that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to pizza delivery innovation.