In a strategic move aimed at securing a firm foothold in the ever-evolving food industry, Domino’s Pizza Group CEO, Andrew Rennie, has announced that the company is actively considering the acquisition of a second brand. 

The motivation behind this expansion lies in the shifting landscape of franchisee investments and the need to harness Domino’s existing capabilities more effectively. 

In a recent address to investors, Rennie outlined the rationale, emphasising the potential synergies, opportunities, and strategic guardrails involved in this ambitious undertaking.

Franchisees Seek Growth Beyond Pizza

The catalyst for Domino’s contemplation of a new brand acquisition is the diversification of its 35,000 franchisees’ investments. These enterprising business owners have started exploring opportunities beyond pizza, seeking growth that Domino’s, in its current state, cannot provide. 

Many have already ventured into other brands, prompting Domino’s to consider a competitive response. The acquisition of a complementary brand could serve as a magnet, drawing these franchisees back into the Domino’s family, creating a unified group and maximising operational synergies.

Andrew Rennie, Domino’s CEO

Bringing Franchisees “In-House” for Mutual Benefit

Rennie’s vision revolves around bringing franchisees who wish to expand their portfolio back “in-house,” aligning their investments with another brand under the Domino’s umbrella. 

This strategic alignment would ensure that the training and resources Domino’s invests in its franchisees remain within the company, rather than benefiting external businesses. 

By doing so, Domino’s aims to maintain consistency in the quality of service and product offerings across its entire portfolio.

Domino’s Strong Foundation for Growth

Highlighting Domino’s strengths, Rennie pointed to the company’s extensive knowledge of consumers across the United Kingdom, robust marketing capabilities, cutting-edge digital infrastructure, and a well-established supply chain. 

What’s more, these assets position the company favourably to drive growth through the addition of a complementary brand. Domino’s already boasts a significant presence in the UK and Ireland, and this expansion could further solidify its position in the market.

Selective and Patient Approach

While exploring expansion opportunities, Rennie emphasised that Domino’s won’t rush into acquiring any brand. The company is on the lookout for a profitable brand with substantial growth potential, combined with product and brand synergies

Moreover, Rennie’s patient approach underscores the company’s commitment to only pursue opportunities that align with their strategic objectives. Domino’s intends to thoroughly assess potential acquisitions to ensure they are in line with their long-term vision.

Digital Transformation and Enhanced Customer Experience

Domino’s has recently made significant investments in a new digital platform that unlocks features previously unavailable. Rennie cited customer segmentation as one of the capabilities enabled by this technology. 

With this sophisticated IT system, Domino’s can tailor its marketing and customer engagement efforts more precisely. 

What’s more, enhancing the digital experience for consumers is a top priority, with planned initiatives set to roll out in the upcoming quarters. These initiatives include personalised marketing campaigns and improved order customisation options.

Loyalty Scheme and Staged Implementation

Rennie provided a glimpse into Domino’s forthcoming loyalty scheme, made possible by the new IT capabilities. While keeping details under wraps to avoid tipping off competitors, he revealed a staged rollout plan. 

Stage one is scheduled for the first quarter, followed by stage two in the third quarter, and stage three expected in the first quarter of 2025. The phased approach minimises disruption while providing valuable insights for improvement. 

Moreover, this loyalty scheme will offer customers enticing rewards and incentives to further solidify Domino’s customer base.

Learning from Global Experiences

Drawing from lessons learned in international markets, Domino’s UK and Ireland have meticulously studied the successes and failures of the brand’s loyalty schemes in other countries, especially the United States

Consumer research has been a pivotal component, allowing Domino’s to tailor its offerings to the preferences of its UK customer base. By taking a proactive approach to understanding local tastes and expectations, Domino’s aims to ensure the loyalty scheme resonates with its target audience.


In Domino’s bold quest for expansion and innovation, CEO Andrew Rennie’s vision to acquire a second brand stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to adapt and thrive in a dynamic industry. 

As the pizza giant explores the possibilities, its franchisees, investors, and loyal customers eagerly await the next chapter in Domino’s remarkable journey. While the path ahead remains veiled in secrecy, one thing is certain – Domino’s is poised to continue its legacy of delivering not just pizza, but also innovation and excellence in the world of food service. 

With a calculated approach and a keen focus on customer experience, Domino’s aims to set new standards in the industry while solidifying its position as a market leader.