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Harmeet at Axies Digital studied accounting and finance at the University of Sheffield.

And, now, he is in charge of customer relations in a digital marketing business.

These last two sentences feel distant. But, the reality is, the principles of marketing for accountants are still applicable here.

Fluid Marketing

In the past, accounting was seen as a stable business.

Once you signed up a business, they generally stuck by you for ages.

But, things have changed now. 

The kind of accountants people sign up with as a startup or sole trader are different from when a certain scale has been reached. 

In other words, with business maturity, people start looking for increasingly specialised services. Therefore, an accountant that will do everything for the accounting side of a business will attract only a certain group of clients. The big boys want specialists.

As a result, the focus of an accounting firm should be on expansion and the addition of further skills into their practice.

In any case, you need to start building from somewhere. Here, digital marketing is an excellent option.

Digital Marketing for Accountants

We will be on the wrong track if I have to explain the importance of internet for your business. 

But, showing you a few numbers should give you some further confidence. Let’s look at the search volume for a few key terms of Google. We are assuming that you will start by targeting smaller businesses and build your brand up. The numbers are an average per month as of June 2019.

  1. Small Business Accounting – 14,800
  2. Accountants for Small Business Owners – 720
  3. Small Business Accountant London – 590
  4. Accountants for Small Business – 520
  5. Accountants for Self Employed – 1,600
  6. Accountants for Online Businesses – 260
  7. Small Business Accounting UK – 170
  8. Small Business Accountants in London – 140
  9. Hire a Personal Accountant – 90
  10. Accountant Advice for Small Businesses – 90

(Source – Keyword Keg)

Keep in mind that keywords like such should just be your starting point. A modern accountant does far more than traditional accounting.

Advanced Advice

A blind following of the presented keywords won’t take you far. 

You need to build a clear strategy around these terms. And, you should be clear about your options for the future.

Remember, there are thousands of other accountants trying to capture the same market. 

Therefore, to stand out, you need to upskill your service. To begin, a suggestion here is familiarising yourself with how businesses operate and how can you further help your clients.

If you are like Harmeet, you may end up going yourself in a completely different direction. Or, you will at least see opportunities to expand your entrepreneurial journey. (We are big fans of entrepreneurial diversification).

For example, you should know the alternatives to traditional accounting. Familiarise yourself with Xero and Sage, learn about upcoming business opportunities, for instance Fintech and AI integration in business.

And, if you need further help, you can always have a chat with us. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]