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How do you know who is the wise man in the room? We believe that it is the one that listens first and speaks last. And we have many examples of such behaviour.

Read stories about Sir Richard Branson – how he became a fantastic learner and is now recognised as one of the top business leaders despite not being the most engaging speakers.

Our Beginnings

At Axies Digital, we do not come from a digital marketing background, but our results are better than the ones that claim to be experts of the field. You may ask why is this.

Simply put, we come with a fresh perspective because we have carefully observed what is currently around us and does not work.

For example, there are agencies that class themselves as social media experts, yet they have no engagement or development on their own social media platforms.

Apart from being number 1 in social media management now, we set out to be the number one search engine optimisation service. But, instead of playing with the money of our clients, we had a poorly thought that we must have the work ongoing for our own brand before we suggest others to take action for their branding and digital marketing efforts.

And our reasons are simple.

If you are a business owner, you will have had a number of phone calls from agencies to lock you up for months on end without providing any promises or reassurance for the large sums of money. Because we see ourselves as the dominant SEO provider currently available in our locality, we do not lock or push customers into contracts. You may ask – why?

We believe that when we deliver on our promises, customers will stay with us. It is a very simple business formula. After all, when we deliver, why would customers go anywhere else. And, we have no insecurities about this.

Our Results

Results show that we are on the first page and also listed as the number one agency for key terms such as “digital marketing agency Leicester”, “digital marketing agency London”, “digital marketing agency Birmingham” and a few other cities.

Doing business in this manner took time but the results are self evident. We have learnt that you do not need to have vast resources to become number one – however you must have the dedication, patience, and desire to achieve this target.

The Lesson for You

Coming from a fresh perspective has proven to be the winning formula for our industry. Learning from this, we urge businesses to experiment, measure and evaluate before they look at copying fellow businesses.

If there is a need to copy, this would mean there is no need for your service. You need to have something unique about you that you should be sharing.

Finding that unique has millions of possibilities. Axies Digital narrows down these possibilities to a winning formula for businesses through the use of data and digital psychology. Get in touch to learn more today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]