In a remarkable exploration of the British pub scene, author David Jesudason embarked on a captivating journey across the country, immersing himself in the vibrant world of desi pubs. Desi pubs, commonly run by individuals of Indian origin, have emerged as unique cultural spaces that celebrate multiculturalism while resisting racial prejudice. 

Jesudason sheds light on this under-celebrated aspect of British pub culture, revealing its significance in fostering inclusivity and reshaping the narrative of a traditionally white-dominated institution.

Traditional British Pub Culture 

Traditional British pub culture is deeply rooted in the country’s history and has long been regarded as an integral part of British identity. These iconic establishments, with their cosy interiors, wooden furnishings, and friendly atmospheres, have served as communal meeting places for generations. 

From the quintessential pint of ale to the hearty pub grub, the traditional British pub has been a hub for socialising, storytelling, and fostering a sense of community. It has been a place where locals gather after work, where friends come together to catch up, and where visitors from near and far experience the warmth and conviviality that is unique to British pub culture. 

While desi pubs are reshaping and bringing something new and fresh to this landscape, they also pay homage to the traditions and values that have made British pubs so cherished and adored across the nation.

A Triumph of Resistance 

Desi pubs, as Jesudason discovers, embody a powerful story of resistance against racial discrimination

Drawing from his own experiences of racial abuse in his youth, the author explains that it was only when he stumbled upon the “Blue-Eyed Maid” in London, an establishment with an Indian restaurant upstairs and a team of Asian bouncers, that he finally felt safe and accepted. 

This encounter marked the beginning of an incredible journey of exploration for Jesudason, who became captivated by the transformative power of desi pubs.

The Beginning of Unveiling the Uncelebrated 

Jesudason’s travels led him to countless desi pubs throughout the country, including the West Midlands, where he encountered landlords who had forged their unique identity within the British pub scene. 

However, despite their contributions, these pubs remain largely under-celebrated and unrecognised. 

Jesudason emphasises that the desi pub narrative is not solely an Asian story; rather, it represents a broader tale of white individuals who witnessed their local establishments evolve into vibrant hubs of multiculturalism.

A Rediscovery of Identity

As a person of Indian and Malay origin, Jesudason reflects on his upbringing, revealing that he was raised in a predominantly British environment that kept him distanced from Asian culture

However, his experiences at desi pubs proved to be deeply moving, offering a sense of belonging and reconnecting him with his heritage. 

These pubs serve as a testament to the rich tapestry of British multiculturalism, accommodating individuals from various backgrounds and providing a space where diverse identities can flourish.

Preserving History, yet Still Shaping the Future

Among the notable figures Jesudason encountered during his research was 71-year-old Suresh ‘Suki’ Patel, the longstanding landlord of “The Vine” in West Bromwich. Patel’s story exemplifies the resilience of desi landlords, who often revive struggling pubs and transform them into thriving food and drink establishments. 

Many of these landlords faced discrimination themselves in the past, having been barred from entering such establishments in the 1960s. By reclaiming these spaces, desi pubs are not only preserving history but also reshaping the British pub culture, infusing it with a new spirit of inclusivity.

Benefits of Desi Pubs to the British Pub Scene

Desi pubs bring a multitude of benefits to the British pub scene. Firstly, they act as catalysts for social integration, fostering understanding and acceptance among people from different cultural backgrounds. These pubs serve as platforms for cultural exchange, where patrons can explore diverse cuisines, traditions, and experiences. 

Additionally, desi pubs offer a sanctuary for individuals who may have previously faced hostility or discrimination elsewhere, providing a safe and welcoming environment where they can freely express their identities, without feeling afraid or out of place, but instead a part of a greater, more open community.

Desi Pubs


The story of desi pubs in the British pub scene is a tale of resilience, multiculturalism, and resistance. David Jesudason’s insightful exploration reveals the transformative power of these establishments and their role in reshaping British pub culture. 

By embracing diversity and offering spaces of inclusivity, desi pubs have emerged as beacons of hope, bridging cultural divides and forging a path towards a more vibrant and united society. 

It is high time that the contributions of desi pubs are recognized and celebrated, for they represent the true essence of multiculturalism in the heart of Britain.