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What is your greatest challenge to business growth?

Harmeet of Axies Digital had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Daly of “The Turn Around CEO” and “Dalycom. Her primary focus is on growing a business through a team.

Therefore, according to Amanda, the greatest challenge to business growth is cracking the code to working with people. And, you begin this process by understanding human emotions.

The Why of Human Emotions

Accepting the need to understand human emotions in the workplace is just the beginning. In retrospect, you need far more to inspire your team.

Putting an effort into understanding the why of emotions is the key to having an inspired team who share your vision. Let us explain further.

It is common for individuals to be lost or still discovering their purpose. All they need at this stage is a little external help. Your job, as a leader, is to provide that help.

At a personal level, Amanda feels that it is incredibly fulfilling when you are able to provide this help to your team members. This does not mean that there will be no further challenges. You need a strategy to deal with challenges.

Dealing with Challenges

In most cases, the most daunting thing about a challenge is its sheer size.

Therefore, Amanda expresses the importance of slowing down and breaking up the issues into smaller chunks. Taking people’s views, asking questions, and reasoning are all good options, allowing leaders to make stronger decisions.

In fact, Amanda attributes her ability to take everyone on board the key to maintaining a great working culture at Dalycom. As a result, some members of Dalycom have been a part of the journey for over 20 years.

Making a Business Sellable

What does selling a business mean to you?

Conventionally, selling a business is a transaction between a seller and a buyer. But, Amanda sees the selling and buying from a different angle.

Amanda recommends business owners to grow a business that is sellable. But, more importantly, you should be able to sell the business to your team.

And, like a conventional business sale, the employees should be able to see the value of the business and the future opportunities that will arise for them. Doing so also reduces the chances of management clashes, as the team has a better understanding of their roles.


Branding is a key interest of Axies Digital. Therefore, we bring up branding in almost every interview. You can check 3 other examples here:

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So, we asked Amanda the same question.

Amanda believes that branding is about forming a tone that resonates with potential clients. Her  attitude of forming and maintaining this tone has kept Dalycom afloat.

Dalycom has been around for 3 decades now. And, over time, the business has seen more competitors entering the market because technology and the internet has facilitated an ease of access.

As a result, there has been a transfer from being product focused to service centric.

She gives the example of a client whose services went down on a weekend. But, through the help of her team, she was able to bring it all back up on the same day.

This is the kind of service that keeps her clients around.

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