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The idea for this blog comes from a recent article by Andrew Dennis on the Search Engine Journal (SEJ). You can check the original article here.


Have you realised why we post about business in general, instead of just focusing on marketing?

With the up rise of the concept of “target audience”, businesses have started to close themselves to added experiences. Don’t take me wrong. It is highly advised to master a craft before wandering around. But, that does not mean businesses can be successful while being stuck in a bubble in the long run.

The same bubbling effect is now seen within organisations that have translated the pursuit of a target audience with losing their flexibility and adaptability. And, the negatives do not end there.

Feeling of Manipulation

What is your definition of spam?

We see spam as the constant badgering of the same message. Sticking to the same kind of content and a similar message is not much different. What organisations translate into consistency is simply spam. And, the aim of spamming is simply manipulation.

If you are dealing with a smart enough demographic, this insistence on manipulation leads to a feeling of distrust. At this point, you are not generating value for your target audience. You give the expression of only sticking to personal goals.

You need to rectify this situation with your content and SEO.

Content Diversity and SEO Diversity

We have finally come around to answering the question of – why is our content not just simply about marketing?

Simply, there are two reasons for this:

  1. Quality – We want our content to stand out from a quality perspective. This allows us to reach audiences beyond a confined business spectrum that is looking to outsource their marketing efforts. (If you need further reasons, don’t underestimate the power of referrals in the long run).
  2. Demonstrating Understanding – Given the connected nature of business, marketing is an integral part of the bigger picture. It is almost impossible to market values that are incapable of imparting the right feeling. As a result, we try to connect marketing with other aspects of business. This idea covers aspect of strategy, customer psychology, ethics, business philosophy, and beyond.

Marketing is about presenting appropriate business messages. And, in order to present the right messages, we try talking and sharing our ideas on business topics, in general.

We are simply using diversification in a different meaning – we are widening our horizons through diversified content and hence, SEO.

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