Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time. 

Consumers are more interested than ever in how businesses conduct themselves, and they are increasingly looking for sustainable products.

If you run an ecommerce business, it’s important to communicate your sustainability actions to consumers.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ways that you can do just that!


1. Use Only Green Communication

In order to communicate your sustainability practice, it is important that the channels you use are green as well.

When you use energy efficient communications, technologies and products, you minimize the resources used and add to sustainability. 

Therefore, you can use social media, emails and other digital platforms to communicate your sustainability practices.


2. Always Stick to the Truth

Just like in all other situations, honesty and transparency matters in business.

So, consumers expect you to be honest, not just about their credentials, but also about their sustainability journey.


Never try to greenwash – give false information in order to get an environmentally responsible public image. Customers might check whether your claims are true or not, which might tarnish your name.

So, being transparent not only adds to your sustainability profile, but also showcases the company’s values. Make sure that the evidence is true and believable.


3. Address Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects of Sustainability.

Your content should speak about how the company contributes to economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability.

Doing so would indicate that sustainability is a key component of your company.


4. Keep it Simple

Your audience might be new to sustainability and related concepts. Using phrases like CO2  emissions in Gt might not be easy to comprehend. 

Therefore, take extra care to keep it simple. Also, include graphs, images or videos so that they enjoy reading your content.


5. Keep Updating Your Audience

Customers enjoy seeing sustainability content on several social medias and websites.

Keep them posted! Doing so will show that you have been constantly engaging and following sustainability practices.


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