In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, Unilever has proven itself to be a true trendsetter. The consumer goods powerhouse has struck gold with its collaboration with TikTok, leveraging the power of the popular short-form video app to showcase its Cleanipedia platform as the exclusive sponsor of #CleanTok

This strategic partnership has not only garnered over 98.5 billion lifetime views for #CleanTok has also witnessed a surge in engagement since its inception in June. Unilever’s Cleanipedia portal, offering valuable cleaning tips and advice, has clocked an impressive 2.8 billion impressions during this period, with web traffic surging by 30%. 

So why don’t you join us as we delve deeper into this exciting collaboration that has captured the hearts of Gen Z and beyond.

#CleanTok: A Hygienic Revolution

The rise of #CleanTok can be traced back to the pandemic era when cleanliness became a top priority for people worldwide, stuck in the confines of their homes. Gen Z, with TikTok as their preferred social media platform, played a pivotal role in popularising this trend. 

A staggering 56% of surveyed TikTok users have turned to the app for humour, paving the way for Unilever’s unique soap opera-inspired content series, ‘Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime.’ 

This animated series introduces anthropomorphized Unilever brands, like Cif, Comfort, and Dirt is Good products in a comedic love rivalry storyline, expertly crafted with the assistance of influencer Sam Cotton

Furthermore, it should be safe to make note that this series, which boasts 56 million likes and counting, is a testament to Unilever’s creative prowess.


We’re partnering with Unilever to unveil CleanTok™ 🧽 in 10 countries! Content will feature helpful cleaning tips and advice, editorial series from top cleanfluencers, before-and-after clips, and more. Learn more about this collaboration on our Newsroom page at the link in bio.

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Recognising Excellence with #CleanTok Awards

Unilever and TikTok have joined forces to celebrate excellence in the #CleanTok community. The #CleanTok Awards feature categories like ‘Most Helpful Hack,’ ‘Most Motivational Sunday Reset,’ ‘Most OMG Extreme Clean,’ and ‘Most Satisfying ASMR.’ 

What’s more, winners of these awards will be rewarded with Unilever Home Care goods, fostering a sense of community and motivation for creators. Additionally, the ‘Spotless Creator’ competition promises a lucrative £4,000 cash prize for those who can showcase the most impressive cleaning transformations. 

This commitment to the TikTok creator community demonstrates Unilever’s dedication to engaging with consumers in innovative ways.

Driving Real-World Impact

Unilever’s investments in #CleanTok extends beyond the digital realm. Influencers on TikTok triggered a trend of using Cif Cream Cleaner to rejuvenate white trainers, resulting in a remarkable 38% increase in U.K. adults under 28 purchasing the brand. 

Furthermore, Kantar Worldpanel data reinforces the tangible impact of this collaboration. Unilever’s comprehensive strategy encompasses paid media, a dedicated TikTok content hub, and the prominent use of the phrase ‘Proud Supporter of #CleanTok’ both on and off the app, including in point-of-sale materials. 

Impressively, this strategic approach ensures that Unilever remains not just a participant but a driving force in the #CleanTok movement.

Global Reach and Leadership Transition

Unilever’s #CleanTok partnership knows no boundaries, spanning markets including the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Indonesia. This global footprint underscores the brand’s commitment to reaching diverse audiences. 

In parallel, Unilever is undergoing changes in its marketing leadership, with Esi Eggleston Bracey taking the reins from the previous marketing chief, Conny Braams, further emphasising the company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

Unlocking Consumer Insights

Unilever’s collaboration with TikTok has not only driven engagement but also provided invaluable consumer insights. The partnership tapped into TikTok’s data analytics to gain a deeper understanding of user behaviour, preferences, and trends. 

This data-driven approach has enabled Unilever to fine-tune its marketing strategies and create content that resonates with its target audience. It’s a testament to how Unilever constantly adapts to the evolving digital landscape.

Future Endeavours and Industry Impact

As Unilever and TikTok march forward hand in hand, we can expect more exciting collaborations and industry-leading initiatives in the future. 

This partnership has not only set a high bar for influencer marketing but has also reshaped how brands engage with younger demographics.

What’s more, Unilever’s pioneering efforts in the #CleanTok campaign demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing, making it a role model for brands seeking to harness the potential of social media platforms.


To sum up, Unilever’s partnership with TikTok, epitomised by #CleanTok, transcends mere collaboration; it’s a remarkable journey of innovation, creativity, and adaptability. 

With its global impact, dedication to creators, and insightful data-driven approach, this partnership has elevated Unilever’s brand presence and transformed the way we view influencer marketing.

And finally, as Unilever continues to explore new horizons and inspire the industry, it stands as a shining example of success in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.