In the ever-evolving realm of social media, BeReal, the once-prominent photo-sharing app, found itself facing a significant challenge several months ago. Its user base was dwindling, marketers were becoming increasingly sceptical, and creators were struggling to maintain their relevance. 

However, BeReal is now poised to make a triumphant comeback with its first ever global brand marketing campaign. In a daring move to recapture its place within the cultural trends, the platform is adopting an unconventional strategy – harnessing the power of other social media channels. 

Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this ambitious campaign and examine the hurdles BeReal must overcome to ascend to its former glory.

A Different Approach: Relying on Other Social Media Channels for Engagement

BeReal’s new marketing campaign represents a significant departure from the norm. Rather than relying solely on its own platform for user engagement, the app is reaching out to users on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). 

Under the banner of this campaign, BeReal is inviting its users to participate in a competition. The stakes are high with an enticing paid vacation and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the face of BeReal on its first-ever billboard, set to dominate the iconic Times Square

This creative and unorthodox approach is designed to boost brand awareness not only among the faithful BeReal user base but also among those who have yet to experience the platform’s unique charm.

A Shift in Priorities: Transitioning from Product Development to Marketing

The head of field marketing at BeReal has candidly acknowledged that during the app’s meteoric growth phase, the primary focus was on product development and infrastructure enhancement

However, with the app now operating seamlessly, the team is turning its attention towards innovation. They are actively exploring new features and gearing up to launch imaginative and captivating marketing campaigns that promise to captivate the audience.

Budget Secrets: The Enigma of BeReal’s Marketing Spend

One aspect of BeReal’s campaign that remains shrouded in mystery is the budget allocated for this grand endeavour. The company has been tight-lipped regarding the financial details of the campaign. Nonetheless, insiders reveal that the upcoming month will be punctuated by a series of viral stunts aimed at amplifying the campaign’s reach. 

Furthermore, the grand finale will be the unveiling of a full-fledged out-of-home advertising campaign in Times Square – a dazzling spectacle that will undoubtedly draw the attention of New Yorkers and tourists alike.

The Rise and Fall of BeReal

BeReal’s journey over the past year paints a vivid picture of the social media landscape’s volatility. It burst onto the scene as a potential heavyweight just as the industry was grappling with Twitter’s takeover and Meta‘s disgruntled investors. 

However, the fervour surrounding BeReal has noticeably waned since the beginning of this year, with marketers, in particular, reporting a diminishing interest among their clients. 

While the platform continues to boast 25 million daily active users, the larger perspective reveals a stark reality: BeReal’s monthly active users have plummeted from an impressive 73.5 million in August 2022 to a modest 33.3 million in March 2023, according to data from the Business of Apps.

Silent but Not Forgotten: Decoding BeReal’s Mysterious Silence

One striking aspect of BeReal’s recent history has been its enigmatic silence. The company has refrained from participating in public interviews or offering commentary on its strategies. 

This deliberate silence has left industry observers and news outlets speculating about the platform’s future endeavours, including potential product features and advertising opportunities. 

What’s more, over the past year, BeReal has been diligently working on stabilising its product and absorbing user feedback, particularly concerning marketing campaign ideas and brand presence on the platform. 

Interestingly, it should be noted that while BeReal’s recent focus has centred on nurturing close friend relationships, the door still remains open for brands to explore innovative opportunities in the future.

Marketers’ Dilemma: Pursuing Cultural Relevance

Marketers are renowned for their ability to track cultural trends and align their strategies accordingly. If BeReal can successfully reclaim its place in the cultural zeitgeist, advertisers will undoubtedly be quick to follow suit. 

Despite lingering doubts about the app’s long-term viability, marketers are still eager to connect with BeReal’s youthful user base and launch organic campaigns to engage this dynamic audience.


BeReal’s remarkable journey from the brink of stagnation to the brink of resurgence encapsulates the dynamic nature of the social media landscape. With a newfound sense of stability and a commitment to innovative marketing initiatives, BeReal is poised for a formidable comeback. 

Therefore, the coming months will serve as the litmus test, determining whether BeReal can indeed rise like a phoenix from its previous slump or if it will remain on the periphery of the social media sphere. 

Either way, it’s clear that the world is watching intently, and BeReal’s audacious gamble will undoubtedly shape its destiny in the digital age. Whether it emerges as a triumphant success or a cautionary tale, one thing is undeniable – BeReal’s story is one of resilience and adaptation in the ever-shifting world of social media.