B2Bs are the unsung heroes of this world.

Not many people know them. But, they do their job of making things happen at a social and economic level.

But, before you go around changing the world with your venture, you need the right strategy.

This is because if your B2B strategy is incorrect, it will feel as though you are trying to bench press 300 kg on the first session of your gym training.

Challenges in B2B Marketing

In most cases, making another business buy your products and services can be harder because you are always working from the shadows and do not have a out there name.

Moreover, from our childhood we get in the habit of learning what surrounds us.

This is toxic if you are marketing B2B because most adverts that we see around us are for B2Cs – simply intended for consumers.

The bottom line is, the rules are different in the B2B marketing game. The psychology of business users is different to consumers. And, B2C is direct. However, B2B is a system of association.

The Solution

It should be no surprise that the greatest marketing tool in business-to-business is word of mouth.

So, stop selling directly and get building relationships.

The days before social media, the golden kiss was by the high net worth. Today in the digital world, the key connection are “influencers”.

The Conundrum to overcome is to get the attention of these influencers.

High net-worth companies protect their money. And, similarly, social influencers guard their connections.

So, how do you decide to dedicate your efforts?

Is it prosperous to live next to a mud lake like shrek or live by the beach to get a view of the sea?

Logically, go where there is a flow of fresh resource – where there is opportunity. (Mind you once Shrek left the mud lake, he had a shot at the princess).

Unlike the high net-worth, you’d be surprised to know social influencers aren’t always the most friendly – Unless you have something to offer. And here they are in ranked order to market to businesses

4) Money making

3)Technical knowledge

2) Money saving

1) Time saving

Think of a pyramid or a hierarchical system. If you can offer any of these 4 options with your products and services, you have a chance to go through. To be more effective, keep the ranking in mind.