Asda has introduced a new brand identity, prominently featuring dark green in its logo. This change is part of a broader strategy to enhance its market presence and customer connection. 

According to Asda, the new branding is the result of extensive customer research aimed at understanding how shoppers perceive the brand, what they love about it, and what improvements are necessary to regain its relevance and individuality in the competitive grocery market. 

Revitalised Brand Identity

The refreshed brand identity is showcased in Asda’s new ‘Serious About Summer’ campaign, spearheaded by chief customer officer David Hills and VP marketing Adam Zavalis, both of whom joined Asda from Aldi last year. 

The updated branding will be visible across stores, vehicles, and staff uniforms, reflecting ongoing investments in Asda’s estate and assets.

Customer-Centric Approach

David Hills described the launch of the new brand identity as a milestone moment in Asda’s strategic evolution. He emphasised the brand’s rich heritage and its special place in the hearts of the British public. 

Hills also expressed optimism that the new look and feel will help Asda stand out in the crowded grocery market, reigniting the strong emotional connection customers have with the brand. 

Furthermore, they listened to their customers to understand how they see Asda, what they love about it, and how they can better serve them. Their new brand identity is a reflection of customer feedback and their commitment to meeting their needs. 

It was also emphasised that they believe that this new look will help them to stand out and reconnect with their customers on an emotional level.

‘Serious About Summer’ Campaign

The ‘Serious About Summer’ campaign underscores the “serious business” of making the most of the summer season. It aims to reassure shoppers that Asda continues to deliver value throughout the summer months. 

The campaign features a series of TV adverts, each offering a unique take on staple summer experiences. The first advert showcases a determined dad, loaded with seaside gear, who is on a mission to find the perfect spot on the beach for his family to enjoy Asda’s BBQ products. 

His dedication leads the family on a lengthy trek in the morning sun, humorously highlighting the challenges of a day at the beach. 

Another advert spotlights mid-week meal inspirations and offers, showing a lively grandmother bouncing on a trampoline, symbolising the fun and energy of Asda’s meal options. Additionally, a sports day-themed ad showcases Asda’s picnic products, emphasising the variety and quality of options available for family outings. 

Each commercial highlights the breadth of Asda’s offerings, ensuring families have all they need to live their best lives this summer. The ads are tied together with the strapline ‘Asda, that’s more like it’.

Light-Hearted and Value-Driven

Hills explained that the summer campaign is designed to be light-hearted and fun, while still showcasing Asda’s unwavering commitment to value. 

Their summer campaign is playful and engaging, highlighting the uncompromising value promise that they make to their customers whenever they shop with them. 

Asda also feels that it has created the perfect platform to launch their new brand identity to their loyal customers.

Promoting British Produce

Additionally, Asda has launched a new page on its website dedicated to promoting British produce. The ‘Support UK’ page will be regularly updated to feature items sourced from British farms and producers, including fruit, vegetables, poultry, dairy, and herbs. 

This initiative aims to encourage customers to support local suppliers, furthering Asda’s commitment to the community and sustainability

It was noted by Hills that they are proud to support British farmers and producers, and by highlighting locally sourced products, they hope to make it easier for their customers to enjoy the best that the United Kingdom has to offer.


Asda’s new brand identity and ‘Serious About Summer’ campaign mark significant steps in the retailer’s efforts to reconnect with customers and stand out in the competitive grocery market. 

With a refreshed look and a commitment to value, Asda is poised to reinforce its cherished place in British households while promoting local produce and celebrating the summer season. 

The combination of a new brand identity, engaging summer campaign, and focus on British produce positions Asda as a forward-thinking, customer-focused retailer ready to meet the evolving needs of its shoppers.