Apple’s renowned “Shot on iPhone” campaign has continually pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology, capturing moments that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

In its latest endeavour, the tech giant ventures into the realm of manga, harnessing the cultural hype surrounding the art form to showcase the capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The ‘Midnight’ Film

Apple’s latest project, ‘Midnight,’ is a live-action adaptation of Osamu Tezuka‘s iconic 1986 manga series. 

Spanning 19 minutes, the film unfolds the story of a taxi driver’s encounters with enigmatic passengers, culminating in a fateful encounter with a fleeing truck driver. 

Directed by Takashi Miike and penned by Yusuke Watanabe, the film was shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro, aiming to highlight its low-light performance and cinematic prowess.

Technical Innovations

‘Midnight’ integrates live-action sequences with CGI, leveraging the iPhone 15 Pro’s LiDAR scanner to craft intricate 3D models. Noteworthy is its demonstration of the device’s stabilisation capabilities, particularly evident in dynamic fighting scenes. 

The production, spearheaded by TBWA\Media Arts Lab Tokyo, underscores Apple’s commitment to innovation in storytelling and filmmaking. 

Furthermore, the use of the LiDAR scanner in post-production allowed for precise rendering of the taxi and its distinctive fifth wheel, showcasing the iPhone 15 Pro’s attention to detail.

Cultural Engagement and Marketing Strategy

Aligning with Apple‘s broader marketing objectives, ‘Midnight’ serves as a strategic move to bolster iPhone sales amidst fluctuating demand. 

The film’s release on YouTube, Apple TV, and Abema TV, accompanied by a feature in the manga magazine’s March issue, reflects a multi-channel approach to reach diverse audiences. 

Additionally, the integration of behind-the-scenes content in Tokyo taxis during evening hours demonstrates Apple’s ingenuity in capturing consumer attention.

Industry Trends and Parallel Initiatives

Apple’s foray into manga mirrors a broader trend of companies leveraging anime and manga to connect with consumers. 

McDonald’s and Ikea have similarly tapped into this cultural zeitgeist, launching campaigns inspired by anime aesthetics to resonate with younger audiences. This strategy reflects a recognition of the growing influence of Japanese pop culture on a global scale.


So to wrap things up, Apple’s ‘Midnight’ film not only celebrates the rich legacy of manga but also serves as a testament to the iPhone 15 Pro’s capabilities as a filmmaking tool. 

Through innovative storytelling and strategic marketing, Apple continues to redefine the intersection of technology and creativity, forging deeper connections with consumers worldwide. 

Furthermore, the film’s fusion of traditional manga elements with cutting-edge smartphone technology showcases Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries and inspiring creativity in the digital age.