If you take a moment to think about how much content is generated daily, it can reach up to 1.5 billion individual posts.

Now, throw in the millions of tweets and videos uploaded, it’s very easy for your content to get lost in the digital jungle.

And, this makes it undoubtedly hard for many small businesses to today to find their ideal target consumers, and for them to find you.

In order to stand out, you must show your audience why you are different and produce content that is engaging.

So, infographics are a great way to do this, by providing value and only highlighting the important parts of a story.

Just to be clear, infographics are visual content that helps communicate complex data in an easy, understandable format.

Essentially, infographics condense research, facts and figures into a fun graphic that is easy to consume; they can include text, images, graphics and charts.

Since infographics can help boost website traffic by more than 12%, here are 4 great reasons why you should be using them inside your marketing.

Grab Audience’s Attention

Humans are visual creatures and it’s because of this that people are more attracted to visual content that they are text.

In order to process more than 90% of information, people need their optic nerve activated; words can often fail to capture the attention and imagination of audiences, hence why infographics can perform better.

In other words, whilst written content allows you to delve deep into analysis and concepts, this relies on the reader’s ability to process that information, whereas graphics can be easier to understand.

Therefore, combining text and images allows communicators to take advantage and use infographics as a powerful tool to help you content sit in your target audience’s head.

Naturally, people love facts, figures, stats and other graphical elements, so this is a great way to capture their attention.

Increase Brand Awareness

Usually, when infographics are created they are made in line with brand guidelines, which usually includes logos, website addresses, emails and other contact information.

By including this, this is a very effective way to increase your brand awareness, especially if these are shared on social media.

Not to mention, displaying this information within the infographic can help to drive more traffic to your website, since those who are interested in the content will likely want to find out more.

In fact, infographics are shared by audiences three times more than any other type of content, which helps you to get your name out there and gain more visibility.

As mentioned earlier, infographics are a great way to show people what you have to offer rather than just simply telling them, thus making it a more effective way of spreading your message.

Makes Content More Understandable

One of the primary reasons to use infographics is to make complex data much easier to understand.

Yes, blogs exist to inform audiences about specific topics, but sometimes long pieces of text can be difficult to digest.

Because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, this is where the power of infographics comes into play. 

So, using this kind of content helps you to convey relevant information in understandable chunks.

In fact, clear and detailed images are more likely to capture an audience’s interest more than other elements like product descriptions, customer rating and other text-based forms of content.

To put it simply, with the endless amount of information flowing on the internet each day, your consumers will appreciate smaller but relevant bits of visual information that they can easily understand and take action for.

Boost SEO Efforts

You may not have thought it, but adding infographics in your content can help to boost your website’s SEO.

The reason being is infographics have more of a chance to become viral, and viral content is typically shared across a wide range of platforms and therefore has the potential to reach a very large audience.

To back this up, research has shown that content that contains images and graphics generate 94% more views than content that doesn’t.

Furthermore, if you include a link with the infographic, you can bring a lot of new visitors to your site and increase your number of backlinks.

And, more backlinks demonstrate to Google that you are a known and valued source of information, which encourages the search engine to rank your website higher in the SERPs.

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Finishing Thoughts

Overall, infographics are a great tool to capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested in more complex content you have to offer.

Regardless of the type of information you include, be it graphs, charts, numbers etc, by using different shapes, colours and other visual elements, people are naturally going to be more drawn to that than they would a long wall of text.

Simply, to keep people interested, infographics can help to make heavy content better to understand and easier to digest.

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