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On the consumer side, today’s lending climate is more dynamic and competitive than ever. After years of little demand, the loan market has been revived.

However, you still need to find ways to stand out from the competition.

Overall, when packaging consumer loans, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To begin, you want to make sure that the loan is as attractive as possible to potential borrowers, while still meeting the needs of the lender. But, such a mentality is just the beginning.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for packaging consumer loans for optimal success!


1. Use Content Marketing to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Your client base isn’t likely to be looking for personal loans on a daily basis. As a result, don’t simply create or record content that promotes why you’re the finest choice for a loan.

In reality, customers might go months or even years without requiring your services. Sure, there are a lot of questions to answer when it comes to personal loans.

In the meantime, tell people why they should take out a loan and what the differences are between secured and unsecured loans. However, you should also consider financial information that will be useful in between purchases.

If you get their attention with a fresh approach, the idea will be fresh in their thoughts when it’s time to apply for a loan.


2. Get Creatively Social

Many financial institutions and consultants take a too analytical approach to social media marketing. How about you try something new?

For instance, you could represent consumer loans in a more positive way.

Remember that consumers searching for personal loans are looking for good vibes and optimism. Unfortunately, people who are in debt are frequently associated with negative preconceptions, such as the belief that they may be irresponsible, ignorant, or uncaring about their money.

So, the greatest method to interact with consumers looking for personal loans is through messages that convey optimism.


3. Leverage Direct Mailing

The efficacy of direct mail is demonstrated by its success over the last ten years.

If you stop at one mailing, though, you may be ending up with a failure on your hands. Use this method to create the 1st interaction, before you jump onto social media and other forms of connection, with the final goal being: taking this professional relationship into the real world.

Also, consider multichannel marketing and use email as well as direct mail to achieve the best results possible.

In reality, when you combine your brand across numerous platforms, this integrated approach works.

As a result, you come across as trustworthy when you stick with a consistent message across various channels. This consistency makes customers trust you—and that’s how sales happen.


4. Have Clear CTAs

Simple and straightforward call to action (CTAs) should be promoted in loan advertising methods.

Overall, it should be simple for consumers to locate the route that will quickly take them toward obtaining personal loans or obtaining more information if they come upon a landing page as a result of search engine queries, visit a website directly, or click through a targeted marketing email.


5. Consider Constructive Partnerships

It can assist with the scaling of consumer acquisition efforts and the generation of high-intent leads. Consider industries that may be linked to personal loans in some way.

Consumers in debt are looking for alternatives now. So, make your chances of getting such consumers by being in touch with people and industries who have been connected to these consumers and already have a sense of trust with them.


6. Handle Enquiries Well

This is your chance to convert high-intent consumers.

Remember, consumers who are seeking for personal loans will be more likely to perceive their financial circumstances as challenges that need to be addressed. If the procedure is not difficult or time consuming, consumers will be ready to submit inquiries online in order to get closer to a solution.

The beginning of a smooth personal loan application process is with lead forms that only include the most important questions.

Here, if a consumer feels overwhelmed by the number of questions asked during the early stages of the sales funnel, it’s probable that he or she will abandon the form before it is completed.

As a rule, advertisers should treat the first form completion as part of the consumer engagement process, regardless of where the inquiry form is hosted online.

Finally, form fills provide personal loan marketers with first-party data to assist them in moving prospects through the funnel. Forms, on the other hand, aid consumers in developing trust and comfort with personal loan businesses.

Consider how much time consumers spend on lead forms. If it appears to be taking too long, or if form abandonment rates are too high, look for any fields that may be removed to improve early conversion rates in the loan application process.


7. Make the Application & Approval Process Simpler

Streamline the loan process, from application to closure.

Assist your lending teams in guiding consumers through the loan application process.

And, you should respond to inquiries in a contextually appropriate manner.

Finally, make sure you have a quick approval procedure in place. Automate data verification and accommodation requests to speed up your processes.


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