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I am a big fan of specificity of language – say clearly what something means.

As a result, if someone tries to drown me in technical language, my automatic thinking is – this person doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Great Ideas are Simple

Have you ever noticed that great ideas are always simple?

Airbnb is a platform that enables you to share living spaces. Uber doesn’t own a car but has the biggest taxi fleet across the world. Coca-Cola literally sells a drink that is so iconic that every replica is compared to it.

Then, why is it that people try to use complex language to sell their products and services? Why is it that people have to confuse others into buying their products?

The Sad Reality

Interestingly, businesses using complex language succeed too.

For instance, in digital marketing, the agencies that talk about web development and technical systems seem to get more attention. But, the reality of the matter is, the technicalities fade away over time and the reality comes out.

And, the reality is that the technical doesn’t achieve anything without an understanding of the human.

Cognitive Complexity

I have named this blog cognitive complexity – the extent to which consumers prefer the presentation of information in a simple or complex manner. (I am mocking the idea that arguing for simplification of information has a fancy, difficult name. We live in a world where I have to specify the irony in this).

Don’t take me wrong. I am in no way implying that all technical language is useless. You need to know the technical language and reach a point where you can explain it to a 6 year old.

Therefore, the mention of cognitive complexity is the mention of the technical, and the whole blog is a simple explanation of what it really means.

And, the results are clear. Businesses built on simple ideas, or ones that make complex ideas simple, go a long way.

The Reality of Simple Ideas

We mentioned Airbnb. The idea is simple, but no one ever thought of doing the same. And, even if they did, they must have thought – how can strangers be brought into homes. There are still elements of management and development of technical systems around the idea that require a high level of skill. Airbnb does that while providing great value to the customers.

Same is the case with Uber. By sharing cars and making money through it, even though you are widening the concept of a taxi, the level of management, and in this case legalities, that goes into it is quite extreme.

The bottomline is, your customers only care about the value they get from the process.

If after using technical SEO language, a digital marketing agency still doesn’t rank your business on Google, what’s the point.

We can present similar examples for our other services – web design, social media management, and even branding.

You should be clear about your ideas, but you should work even more on simplifying your technical language. As simple as that.

And, this is exactly what Axies Digital does. We bring a mixture of the technical with the human, and focus on results.

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