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The role of a Financial Planner is an important one.

You spend many years developing strong listening skills to understand customer goals, because lets be honest, people aren’t frank and upfront especially when it comes to financials. It is a serious matter when you’re involved in another individuals life style, planning for your your client’s retirement, their kids’ education or even helping them pay for a luxury weddings. We are talking about people’s lives here so you’re wired to be careful and systematic.

The key principle of Digital Marketing is that every client action should move them closer to trusting your brand. Your client will need to be confident to call you and share their personal needs. This required them to be motivated.

The Approach

Digital Marketing is just one of the many ways to reach your prospects and clients, but if it is done well, Digital Media can help you achieve several positive outcomes.

Digital marketing helps you identify prospects earlier in their buying process, digital marketing nurtures relationships with prospects, digital marketing helps you scale service offerings, digital marketing can even help you cut costs.

Digital marketing should be included as part of a complete online strategy which addresses all online activities such as social media, blogging and content creation among others.

Using digital marketing as a financial planner, you will raise awareness of your brand and your approach to helping clients.

In this day and age, customers want to know more about you and your business before making a commitment to work with you. It may sound funny to some, but many customers would need to have more trust in their pension consultant than their loved ones. Demonstrate that you can deliver on your promises by showing them case studies of successful clients, for instance.
In order for customers to take action there needs to be a pain or pleasure that motivates individuals. Pain or pleasure in the present moment will have greater responsiveness. It’s no wonder a lot of people start thinking about a private pension pot until it’s too late. Having said that, people do start thinking about the future more, once they have children or increase of assets. Marketing therefore needs to motivate individuals within the regulatory frame work.

Need for a Systematic Approach

Financial Planners that want to start digital marketing need to take a systematic approach. Digital marketing is less about being everywhere and more about being where your clients are.

So, one of the first things to consider is where your clients are spending their time.

From here on: view Digital Marketing as its own ecosystem; Digital Marketing for Financial Planners includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Digital Communication tools like email and SMS.

Here’s how you can go more specific:


Digital Marketing for Financial Planners


  • Content marketing for financial planners is about creating content around your target audience’s interests.
  • SEO for financial planners is about using keywords in your content to rank higher in search engines for relevant topics.
  • Social media marketing for financial planners is about building relationships with leads through social media networks. 
  • Video marketing for financial planners is about using short video clips to explain your services.
  • Digital PR for financial planners is about creating positive relations with influencers, bloggers and media outlets.

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