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Have you ever seen someone’s content and thought: this guy is out of touch.

Good weather, bad weather; people living, people dying; business growing, business not growing: these people just keep posting the same stuff on repeat.

At the most basic level, it’s hard to take these people seriously.

But even worse, at a business level, these people are doing more damage than good to their brand.


The Act of Overscheduling

Yes, you should plan content for your business.

Of course, you should know your values and the line of action you are going to take.

And yes, your overall strategy needs to be reflected in what you post on social media.

But, this act of levelling your content does not mean that you should be set in a single direction forever.

Time and time again we see people going from: planning and scheduling nothing to planning and scheduling everything. With these people, it seems that there is no act of balance; no effort put in; no personality to be had.

A better approach to scheduling social media content is to define your themes that you can use in your content calendar. And then, based on your industry, personality, branding and whatever else you feel is important, you need to have the room to accommodate what is happening around you, that you need to be aware of and demonstrate in your content on social media.

If you don’t, even if you have previously built a good connection with your audience, they are going to stop caring about you.


It’s Hard to Care About the Tone Deaf

If you put your social media presence on ‘set and forget’ mode, people will forget you too.

This possibility of being forgotten is especially true for micro businesses.

I am saying this because, when you are a micro business, where the audience relates the content with specific individuals, the expectation of noticing the surroundings is heightened.

Then, whether it is content about politics, economics, local events, popular culture, or even sports, there needs to be more to the business brand than content that comes off as tone deaf.

In fact, in most cases, people start feeling a connection to you when you demonstrate your views and feelings about what the audience cares about too; ideally sharing a similar sentiment to you.

Otherwise, you are just another business, providing another set of products and services that multiple other businesses are offering too; where is your differentiation; where is your connection with the audience that will get people over the line and feel connected to you; care about you and your business?


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