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The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article on The Drum by Andrew Tenzer. You can read the original article here.


Have you ever realised that social media is killing the concept of contextual discussions?

This means that when you are sharing something on social media, you are not specifically talking to a single group. All your social groups merge into one. Put simply, there is a “context collapse” here.

So, when you post about football, it’s not just your friends that are interested in football that will see the post. But, all your friends will see this post about football whether they are interested or not.

Not only is this not good for social media itself, it is not good for your business.

Problem for Social Media

All social platforms want traffic. And, all social platforms want to keep the traffic.

But, if you are not getting what you want on a medium, you are more likely to move away. And, this is a major problem for social media.

To add to the problem, most of us are either unaware or simply unfussed by the prospect of creating and broadcasting content irrelevant to our social circles.

As a result, social platforms keep trying to get around the problem. So, how do they do it?

Defining and Specifying Your Community

Social media platforms keeps trying to define and specify your community.

And, therefore, the landscape of the home screens on our Facebook or YouTube has changed drastically over the years.

But, do you think this tweaking can reach a perfect state for your business? Probably not.

Social Media for Business

The current state of any social media platform does not allow a near perfect sharing of business content.

And most probably, the said perfection will never be reached.

This is a major consideration not only for content sharing, but also prospecting and targeting through social media.

Most organisational sales engines try to target too big an audience. Whether you are using social media at a completely personal level, completely automated level, or anything in between, you need to be specific about what you are broadcasting.

If you try and talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one – Need to keep this mind.

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