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Hey guys, welcome to this video… Oh wait, this is a blog!?

Never mind, I thought I was on YouTube

In that case, I suppose I might as well tell you about the three YouTube algorithms!

And if you’re after a great source of content or visibility, here are the three best ways to get it.

1. The Search Algorithm

Similar to the Google search engine; YouTube has a search algorithm.

This system takes a users’ search query and finds videos that match it.

However, there could be 5 million different videos that match this query, so now what?

Since YouTube’s main goal is to keep you on their platform (watching videos) for as long as possible.

They analyse a few video metrics, such as watch-time (how long on average users watch for).

As well as views, likes, and other engagement metrics.

From this, they find which videos have a good balance, and recommend 

Ideally, if you want to grow a channel in a controlled way, the search algorithm is great!
This is because you can target lower competition search queries and rank fairly.

This allows you to garner more views than trying to compete with larger channels!

2. The Suggested Algorithm

Have you ever been watching a video, popcorn in hand, and you see another video by the side?

Wonderful! You think, “I wonder how it knew what I wanted to watch??”

Well, that was down to YouTube’s suggested algorithm, also called ‘recommended videos’.

It is a coveted position that can drive large amounts of organic traffic to the suggested videos

This is particularly true if it ranks alongside a high-performing video.

So, how does it work? It is quite complex but essentially boils down to a couple of factors.

These factors are the watch history of the user and watch-time/engagement.

Going further in-depth, YouTube employs a deep neural network.

It takes into account millions of video corpus’ (video metadata).

And then generates thousands of candidates based on the user’s past history and context of what they are currently watching.

From there it ranks dozens, and these are the ones that appear at the side of the current video.

3. The Homepage Algorithm

Finally out of the big three is the homepage algorithm.

The homepage algorithm is what dictates the content that appears on your homepage of YouTube.

Many moons ago, YouTube’s homepage used to be pretty much the same for everyone.

This meant that getting onto the homepage required a viral video, and would lead to a great number of views.

However, today, each person’s homepage is personalised.

Showing recommendations for content that they themselves would find interesting.

The homepage, therefore, chooses content based on their watch history and videos performance.

This means channels and topics you have recently watched that have a good video performance.


Final Remarks

While there are more algorithms that makeup YouTube’s content serving system, these are the main three.

Others include the subscription box, trending tab, and notifications.

So, if you’re in need of a few views, try one of these, you might just go viral!


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