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Usually, our blogs begin with a single background addition. This one has two:

  1. I was going to title this blog, “ The Gift of Failure”. But, there is already a book with the same title. I do not want to rank against parenting books. Then, I considered Positive Failure. And guess what, there is a book with that title too. So, I compromised. I am competing with The Gift of Failure through SEO. But, the title is relevant to what we are talking about. You should have only clicked if the title interests you.
  2. The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article on The Search Engine Journal by Stoney G deGeyter. You can read the original article here. (This also clarifies talking about allowing your employees to fail on a marketing blog. No need to be too rigid with content production).

What is your attitude towards failure?

Many people are too afraid to fail. And, such an attitude is unhealthy for life, let alone business.

Now, imagine, you are too afraid for your employees to fail. Simply, the problem multiplies.

Setting High Standards

Do you hire employees to just do a job or add value to your business?

In the short term, you hire people to do a specific job. This specific job entails the value produced by your employees. But, this should not be the case in the long term.

In the long term, you want your employees to do more. You want your people to push their limits.

This means that they should not just rely on their core skills. Instead, they should be pushing to learn more and, in return, do more. (Your job then is to reward them for this behaviour. But that is a given).

But, as a result, you are also adding to the risk. And, what happens with higher risks?

Higher Risk – Higher Rewards

The moment your employees start pushing boundaries, the possibility of failure has increased.

The risk is higher beyond our comfort levels. But, with higher risk comes higher rewards.

Fear is logical. (In some cases, fear can also be a logical fallacy – a topic for another time). But, your reaction to the failure should also be logical. Allow yourself and your employees to fail. Because the reward is too big to ignore.

Give your employees the possibility to acquire the gift of failure. Failure is not as bad as you may think.

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