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Does social media work for all businesses?

Social media only works for businesses who understand what they are doing.

For lifeless businesses, social media is dead or even non-existent.

In fact, some businesses should never have thought about social media in the first place until they had considered and reflected on what produces a business relationship for them.

This is because, businesses are still trading with humans and not aliens from outer space.

So, the process of producing sales is still the same, although the methods have changed.

One of the methods that have changed on the social media front is social listening.

Social Listening for Businesses

Businesses who invest time in social listening have a future by observing successful brands from the likes of Coca Cola, Innocent smoothies, and Nike.

But, social media can be cruel.

There are businesses with millions of social media followers and yet, dead engagement.

On the other hand, smaller brands with half the size are growing rapidly because they are in the business of forming a relationship – a key factor in developing a brand identity.

Social media has made it possible to develop brands quicker.

However, the speed of sales in relation to creating and developing relationships remain the same. (You can do the math yourself).

The Focus

Who gives a toss about products and services in the first place.

If you need to buy something, you always have a million choices. Yet, you know and buy from specific names most of the time.

Have you ever thought about why you have brought into a brand.

Whether it’s Airbnb or even Levi’s, there is always a reason and motivation for spending an extra couple of pounds into what a brand stands for and what they deliver.

And, you can translate this whole understanding of building that brand through social media interactions.

In simple words, use social media for what you stand for and you will have a long future.

Technological Integration in Business

There is a lot of noise and riff raff on social media, and not forgetting Google, when an individual or business is looking for a purchase.

People research into many brands and the internet has improved the opportunity for research. But, this ease has a negative side too.

Now, it is a lot easier and quicker to be forgotten too. P

people forget what they ate 4 meals ago. So, if you are a quiet business, you have no chance.

Without remarketing technology, your competitors will eat you for breakfast.

So, you need to be in the face of your current and potential clients at all times.

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