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The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article on Consultancy.UK. You can check the original article here


Given the continuous changing shape of market, one would assume that strategic consulting is an evergreen area.

By definition, strategic consulting is the external support called upon for major organisational decisions. And, given the limitations to what can be known inside an organisation, most companies, at one point or another, utilises such external help. (Add objectivity, analytics, and experience of the talent on hand and external help becomes even more important).

However, there was a time in the 90s when strategic consulting started to dip. In fact, Financial Times declared it an ‘endangered species’. 

The Comeback

You may have already guessed where this is going. I will not be writing about the topic if it wasn’t still relevant.

Strategic consulting has made a comeback. So much so that major services that provide such consulting, e.g. McKinsey and BCG, are booming. 

In short, the macroeconomic complexities; namely continued globalisation, digitalisation, and consumer attitudes; are forcing organisations to look for externalised help. 

So much so that the major consulting players are adding new services to their existing portfolio. 

Keeping that in mind, we have taken a similar step.

Strategic Consulting in Marketing

When people think of marketing, the general conception is to think of either internal teams or outsourcing.

However, there is a major portion of the market that can benefit massively from a combination of the two. 

Digital marketing is a fast paced sector. And, it has taken marketers a long time to realise that playing the system doesn’t work in the long run. Therefore, people that were taking shortcuts during the last decade are dying off.

In short, social media and search engines are getting more personal. And, as a result, any unethical activity that triggers the newly social, digital beings ends up costing businesses.

Add this to the limited viability for trained marketers to join organisations, which means that most companies can either only attract fresh blood or limitly skilled marketers, there is a huge potential for digital marketing strategic consulting. 

So, we have now added consulting for marketing to our list of services. Check it here

To learn more, get in touch with us today. 

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