Keywords – Solving Problems

Do you need an app to tie your shoe laces?

Well, Nike tried doing it recently with humorous repercussions.

But, in the overall spectrum of things, do you need an app for everything? And then, do you need an app to manage your apps?

A recent article on The Times by Sathnam Sanghera caught my eye, talking exactly about this. With quirky references to Back to the Future and alike, Sathnam ended up making me think about our beginnings.

Our Beginnings

The original idea of Axies Digital comes from Harmeet’s struggles with finding a digital marketing agency. An agency that would have helped him launch his first business.

But, things changed quickly.

More than finding an agency, Harmeet’s experience of working with a digital marketing agency and being extorted of 1000s of pounds without any results was the catalyst for not trusting digital marketing agencies. As a result, when he started his next business, he went through the trouble of learning the core skills of digital marketing himself.

And, when he realised that in order to go far, he needs a team of people that can bring their own skills to the business – he did exactly that.

You can read more about our beginnings and how Harmeet and I met, here.

So, how is this connected with the article mentioned initially.

Solving Problems by Joining In

Complaining is possibly the easier thing to do in this world. You have a problem, start the blame game.

But, great things happen when you get up and try to fix a problem.

In the case of Axies Digital, we would not exist today if Harmeet had not lost all that money. And, if you talk to him today, he is willing to do it all over again for his lessons.

So, all you need to change is the way you look at problems. Look at them as challenges. And facing challenges leads to learning.

And, if you want to learn more, get in touch today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]