As we are in a time where social media platforms are growing in popularity, they are now increasingly facing scrutiny for their role in perpetuating harm online. 

However, Snapchat has launched a bold ad campaign aimed at redefining its image. Contrary to its competitors, Snapchat aims to position itself as a platform focused on fun and connection rather than self-comparison and divisiveness.

The Ad Campaign: Less Social Media, More Snapchat

Snapchat’s two-minute ad spot, produced in-house by Arts Academy and directed by Tommy Harden, starkly contrasts the negative effects of traditional social media platforms with Snapchat’s ethos of fostering genuine connections. 

The ad opens with innocuous selfies and opinions quickly spiralling into a vortex of self-comparison and attention-seeking behaviour, set against a crescendo of unsettling background music. 

This tumultuous scene is juxtaposed with Snapchat’s depiction as a sanctuary of authenticity and camaraderie, where users prioritise fun and meaningful interactions over superficial metrics, like likes and shares.

Addressing Concerns and Setting Itself Apart

The timing of the campaign launch is noteworthy, strategically following the tense Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where social media executives, including Snap’s Evan Spiegel, faced intense questioning regarding child safety online

Snap’s Chief Creative Officer underscores Snapchat’s distinctiveness, emphasising its primary focus on private messaging and its algorithms engineered to mitigate the spread of harmful content. 

This commitment to user safety is further exemplified by Snapchat’s proactive support for the Kids Online Safety Act, positioning the platform as a leader in responsible social media governance.

Snapchat’s proactive stance on online safety makes it the first social media giant to endorse such regulation. The platform’s pre-moderation of content and implementation of parental controls demonstrate its commitment to protecting young users.

Controversies and Challenges

Despite its efforts, Snapchat has not been immune to controversy. A lawsuit filed by over 60 families alleging the platform’s role in facilitating illicit drug activity poses a significant legal challenge. 

Additionally, concerns over Snapchat’s use of generative AI technology have intensified amid growing fears of its potential to exacerbate the spread of harmful material. This controversy highlights the delicate balance tech companies must strike between innovation and accountability in the digital age.

Campaign Rollout and Impact

The ‘Less Social Media, More Snapchat’ campaign made a splash with its one-minute version airing during the Grammy Awards, accompanied by out-of-home placements, social media posts, and a full-page ad in The New York Times

By targeting a diverse range of platforms and audiences, Snapchat aims to reshape its public perception and distinguish itself from its competitors. This multi-faceted approach demonstrates Snapchat’s commitment to transparency and engagement with its user base.


Snapchat’s bold ad campaign reflects its determination to redefine its image in the face of mounting scrutiny surrounding social media’s impact on society. 

By emphasising its commitment to genuine connection and proactive measures for online safety, Snapchat seeks to position itself as a beacon of positivity in an increasingly complex digital landscape. 

As the platform continues to evolve, it faces both challenges and opportunities to uphold its values while navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media.