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Do you ever go for shopping with someone who just wants to explore?

I find it very frustrating because I feel like I could be doing something more meaningful. You know the person with you is not going to buy anything, they are just wandering around.

This act of collecting information without actually buying products is called vicarious exploration. Simply, there is a form of associated thrill with finding new products, even if a person is not in the market to buy them.

(Now, imagine trying to do business with such people. You may end up being referred in the future. But, the chances of that are slim).

Vicarious exploration in the most pure form is sensation seeking, which can have adverse effects for your business if not connected with some form of execution and limiting effort.

Sensation Seeking

Sensation seeking is a personality trait in some individuals, compelling them to search for experiences and feelings, sometimes risky, that are varied, novel, and complex. This trait is generally seen in people that require stronger stimuli rather than a low stimuli effect.

As a businessperson, the need for sensation seeking can have dangerous repercussions for your business.

There is always a level of risk involved in running a business. In fact, there is a high proportion of risk involved in even starting a new business, As a result, 90% of businesses never take off in the first place.

Now, add this risk to a sensation seeker – a person who’s just doing the business to get a big kick. What happens when the kick goes away?

People simply give up on ideas and start looking for the next thrill.

What is the point of all the effort when you are not going to make something out of it?

(What is the point of reading all these books and articles if you are not going to apply the lessons in your life?)

Turning Things Around

It’s important to know when to give up on an idea.

But, if you have a history of being a thrill seeker, you may want to stop and think your reasons for giving up.

With the sensation seeking attitude, you will end up never taking the business to the runway, getting ready to take off.

Don’t worry. There are other ways around this problem.

I am a firm believer that, with the right level of management, you can run multiple projects simultaneously. I, myself, have three jobs and I excel at each of them. (At least for now).

There is never a day when I have nothing to do or tackle. And, all three projects are halfway there. I am sure that when I close one of the projects, I will look to start another one concurrently.

This satisfies the constant need for stimulation, while never wasting a pound of effort. There is always a thrill to chase and things remain interesting.

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