When we start a business, we have certain expectations.

At the most basic level, we focus on products and services, and try to make sales.

But, when success comes, some unexpected things happen. And, you realise that sales are not always a great thing.

Instead, you need to make them great.

Coping with Sales

Sales are not the be all end all of business. So, once you have made the sale, you need to fulfil the orders too.

And, when you can’t fulfil the orders, problems begin.

In relation, we sometimes hear that a business does not want any more sales because they are not able to cope with the demand. But, all this comes down to not having the structures in place to be able to grow.

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Structure at Axies Digital

At Axies Digital, we look at strategies and growth from a varied perspectives

This is why, we encourage our team to develop different skills and thinking styles.

I will go a step forward and state that having two similar people in business is a waste. And, if you are always on the same page, there is something extremely wrong.

You might be thinking here about personality clashes. And, you will be right.

Even recently, our co-founders, Taseer and Harmeet, clashed over the notion of respect and what a side project means. (Believe me, it is a bigger problem than it sounds).

Clients and Sales Management

All clients are not created equal. So, some clients are more fun than others.

And, therefore, there are always clients that create more trouble than others.

But, the calmness required to deal with troublesome clients comes with different thresholds for different people. And, this is where Taseer and Harmeet argued over how to deal with certain clients.

Simply, our two people at the forefront have different thinking styles, that leads to substantially different attitudes to management and leadership.

This does not mean that Axies Digital ended up with a supernova.

There is a certain coping pressure for business, even when teams are highly energetic and dynamic. And, usually, the solution is in the form of improved communication.

As a result, we have integrated an added platform for tracking communication – Slack.

(Taseer was quite hesitant to bring an added tool into business. But, now, he is telling everyone about it’s benefits. So, expect some hesitation initially. But, as long as a step adds value to the process, adoption should come naturally).

Slack Integration into Axies Digital

Slack is a fantastic communication tool that has gone from being in the background to the forefront of business conversations.

As Slack brings structure to conversations, we believe that it will encourage our team to be more outspoken and contribute to conversations. But, don’t use tools for the sake of using tools.

In order to integrate Slack within your team, it should be used for project-based conversations, creating a division between different topics. This eliminates the problem with general communication, where it is harder to keep track of matters.

Solve your problems by cutting them into smaller chunks.