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The intelligence of artificial systems is growing year on year.

As of 2021, Moore’s law is true, with the number of transistors on a chip doubling every 2 years.

In addition to this, new ways of training and making AI systems are developing, further increasing their competence.

1. Written By: Computer

Although most computational activities work on quantifiable tasks (those that can be broken into numerical decisions).

GPT-3 and other artificial language AI systems have been created to imitate human writing patterns accurately.

These currently provide a basic ‘text-in text out’ solution.

It works like this, the writer gives a prompt: “Welcome to this blog about AI!”

And depending on a few parameters, the AI spits out a paragraph of text about AI in the style of a blog!

Impressive, eh! (and slightly worrying).

2. Hello Mr. Robot!

Given their newfound ability to predict text patterns and construct accurate human-like sentences.

Another use of the AI of today is chatbots!

That’s right, you could be chatting to a robot, who is answering your queries.

So if you own a website, you won’t have to reply to every message, only those you want or need to.

Perfect as it will save you time and give an almost instantaneous reply to visitors asking questions.

3. The Process of Processing

More often than not, most people don’t find processing data an exciting task.

But this is where AI can step in and lend you a hand!… Or rather, a mouse.

AI and Computers are brilliantly suited for crunching numbers, noticing trends, and analysing data.

In that case, why not let them handle analysing your data?

AI-powered CRM systems such as C3 AI CRM help you spot trends, and analyse your CRM data.

4. Pitch Perfect

When you advertise, it’s essentially a pitch.

You show who you are, and why they should be interested in what you are offering.

And anyone who has pitched before knows the importance of giving the right pitch to the right audience.

Here is where AI can step in for digital advertisements.

Given its power to analyse data, and its ability to manipulate images, write text, etc.

AI could be used as a way to create custom adverts for the user.

In some ways, this is already being done.

With carousel adverts on social media being customised to show items that reflect the user and their interests/searches.

This could allow hyper-targeted adverts, reducing the likelihood of your advert seeming irrelevant to its intended audience.

5. Future And Beyond

AI will no doubt keep on its long quest to the singularity, and no doubt this is only the start of what is to come in the long run.

And AI is still not a big threat, but that could change within the next 20-25 years.

For instance, my job as a content writer, cannot currently be replaced by AI.

However, after a few more upgrades, and 25 years, it could be chasing me out of my position!


Final Remarks

Regardless of what may be to come, AI in the meantime is improving our lives and aiding productivity.

Whether it be in manufacturing or marketing, AI is slowly penetrating every aspect of our lives.

And who knows, maybe this blog was written by AI? 😉


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