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Are you bothered by the amount of content that talks about reducing work?

And, I am not even talking about the genuine reasons people hate their jobs. Little opportunities for advancement, company culture, being underpaid, or having loathsome managers and co-workers are real problems. But, I am talking about people who even hate the businesses they have created from scratch.

(I will also exclude people that have created a business that is not fulfilling. For instance, if you are a serious journalist working for a gossip magazine, I feel bad for you. But, you need to look for fulfilment elsewhere. I am also excluding people that overwork. You need to think of your work-life balance anyways, but don’t get consumed by the idea of it itself. Interestingly, we made a video on exactly this topic, that you can watch here).

And, there is a whole industry built around this. Throw in something that sounds like tips to reduce the amount you work, and you have a sale on hand.

The 4 Hour Workweek , The Power of Less, No More Mondays, and pretty much anything that remotely sounds like a trick to work less and you have a ready audience to dive in.

Growth and Business

We use this quote of William Burroughs quite a lot – “When you stop growing, you start dying”.

And nothing is more true for business and work than this quote.

The day you start shrinking your involvement or business growth; the day you stop working on upgrading your skills; is the day you start dying. You or your business will be redundant before you know it.

If you don’t want to work, someone else will replace you. This is what a neo-liberal, free market looks like.

And, if you think you are irreplaceable, the world is full of examples to show you the ones who thought the same way. (Keyword – thought).

Reconcentration and Delegation

But, there is a positive side to trying to reduce your work hours too.

Constant evolution is the name of the game in business. Your role as a business developer or individual transforms throughout. What you did at the beginning of setting up your business or starting a job should not be the same 6 months later.

And, there are further layers to this evolution too.

If you have not made enough progress, it is time to change your focus and pursue a reconcentration effort.

And, if you have scaled to a level up, it is time to cut down some of the things you do, and concentrate on the new things that now require more attention from you. Multitasking does not work for everyone and don’t burn yourself out. Think of where you can add the most value – don’t just stroll along.

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