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Real estate, or if you prefer using the term property businesses, are still quite traditional.

Apart from a few platforms to put your properties for sale or renting, most of the exchanges in this industry still go through referrals or networking. 

This makes the whole situation challenging for digital marketers.

Dig deeper into the industry, for more specific services, and the sale becomes even harder.

Let’s look at the example of conveyancing.

No Established Interest

The basis of digital marketing is understanding your customer behaviour.

Then, the next stage is applying this understanding of customer behaviour to draw out interests. For example, in the form of search patterns.

Here, the problem begins.

Conveyancing is usually at the bottom of the search, even though everyone selling a property needs the service, at least in the UK.

We are not suggesting that there is no search interest at all. But, in a city like Leicester, where 4,000 properties are going up for sale online every month, the search volume for conveyancing is under 1,000 per month. 

Usually, the situation is the other way around. 

For 4,000 properties, I would expect at least 10,000 searches. And, then based on repeated searches and conversion rates, a property conveyancing business can play around the odds.

Put simply, a conveyancing business is going to make sales because of an established need. They just need to find ways around the process.

The Mid Sale

As we mentioned, at least 4,000 properties need conveyancing in Leicester.

And, even if most of them are going through an agent and referrals, the search volume doesn’t reflect the reality of interest around the topic.

The simplest strategy here is to tackle searches for related terms in property.

For example, “estate agents Leicester” is searched by 2,900 people a month while “house for sale in Leicester LE5” by 2,400. And, evidently, most of these people searching for estate agents and houses for sale will also look for conveyancers.

Let’s make one thing clear. 

Your strategy, while targeting these terms, should not be to make a direct sale. Most probably, no one will click on your campaigns because you won’t be relevant. Here, your strategy should be to build long term trust.

In reality, you increase your chances of making a sale in the near future if you write content closely related to these topics and push it forward, for instance through Google Ads.

We are suggesting Google Ads here because search engines are generally used as an information gathering platform, rather than direct sales in traditional business cases.

Your challenge here then is to make sure that you divert this traffic towards other parts of your website, in order to build an authority with your target market.

But, this is not the end of the story. You have potential to do even more here.

Catching Leads Earlier

If you truly want to dominate the market, you need to catch the leads early.

And, when we say early, we mean even before people have made a decision to buy.

Believe it or not, this is actually possible – you can catch a property lead even before someone has shown an interest in property.

This is where an understanding of applied psychology helps – one of the unique abilities of Axies Digital while being a digital marketing agency.

For example, research suggests that 33% of dog owners show an intent to buy a property. This number is higher than people buying a property because of getting married (25%) or having their first child (18%). Whether this is because of the fact that most rented places do not allow pets or you simply want your pets to have more space, the end result is interesting from a property business perspective.

Here, if you keep digging deeper, you will keep finding more groups to target. More specifically, target markets that no one has tapped into yet.

Then, the challenge for you is producing relevant content. And, putting it on the right platform. For example, because of the social aspect here, it is recommended to use social media for this kind of content. No one is searching for the content and there is limited connection with other parts of your business. 

Here, based on the target age groups interested in property, Facebook is an ideal choice here.

But, don’t stop here. Get into marketing options that no one else has thought of before. Look into podcasting, unique video content, etc. Put simply, look into building your brand to stand out.

And to learn more, get in touch with us today.

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