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We have seen various business strategies deployed to grow.

Some businesses present themselves as being larger than life.

Some show they are Jacks of all trades.

Others present themselves as being very large businesses based on the assets that they have obtained.

But, the largest sharks of the economy sit at the very top without making much noise. They are almost hibernating in the background.

A similar thing has been seen in the animal kingdom too, especially in the case of predators. Cutting a long story short, have you seen a tiger celebrating and boasting about it’s kills?

Solo vs Community

Have you also realised the attacking behaviour of predators?

When predators are capturing a larger being, they take the option of collaboration.

On the other hand, when the goal is to feed oneself for the time being, a few small kills will do. But, in order to become the alpha, you need to capture the biggest fish.

There are quite a few things to learn from animals. But, some of us are a bit more evolved.

Thankfully, not all human groups are as violent as animals. However, the same psychology can be seen among us.

At Axies Digital, we use the philosophy of elephants who travel as a herd and look after one another for the growth of the collective. Try messing with one of the members of the herd.

But, that is not the end of our principles that stands us out.

Fake Business Awards

Brands are not developed on awards but through excellence of skill.

We recently attended an awards ceremony in Birmingham to observe local businesses. It is easily seen that these structures are similar to an animal hierarchy in the worst form possible. These awards show that it is not how good your level of skill is that wins you the award, it is the proximity the business has to the decision makers in a given group.

Businesses attend these awards ceremony in the hope to collaborate with other businesses to get sales. But, we found from research that these businesses operate on price competitiveness and not quality. This was an eye opener, as our internal strategies do not match groups such as these.

But, there was still a lot to learn here.

If you are developing a brand of excellence, you may want to consider which circles and groups you are associated to. This will allow you to grow in the way that is healthy for your overall business.

Just, keep one thing in mind.

Healthy foods and attending the gym is healthier than busting a couple of steroids. You might reach there quickly but will also mess yourself up in the near future.

The way your business brand itself looks and it’s association will attract similar types of businesses to work with you. So, if you want to be surrounded by transparent and authentic businesses, you know what you need to do.

A number of mid level businesses – with little chance of long term growth – have already formed strong bonds. So, they may give you a perception that you have a leeway into the group – but in a group where you will be fed peanuts.

Axies Digital have made a bold statement that we will not be running for awards that are not transparent – especially when nomination comes with the prerequisite of buying a whole table or sponsoring the event.

For us, the meaningful award is attracting customer testimonials through doing the right job.

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