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What is the problem with logical thinking?

It assumes that the information presented to us to make a decision is perfect, amid being complete in the first place. This is on the verge of wishful thinking.

In human systems, this is rarely a case, if ever.

Semi Rationality of Humans

We could also make an argument for how humans are not rational in the first place. In fact, we are born irrational and then develop towards a relatively better state.

At best, we are semi-rational – we take into account the conditions surround the making of a decision and we have a general sense of what to expect. But, the interference of emotions in our decision making is to a degree, that nullifies the logic to a great degree.

Satisficing Vs Maximising

At best, we need to aim for satisficing rather than maximising the gains through a business. (Due to the limited use of “satisficing” in vocabulary, I generally refer to it as maximising the potential of a business. But, the sentiments behind the idea remain the same).

But, at the end of the day, why are we still bounding ourselves with limitations to solution finding.

By accepting our limitations of semi-rationality, we are still trying to climb into a box. If you are going to try and adapt to the box to find a solution, you are still not free enough. I want you to get out of it completely. Break the box completely.

Product Development in a Nutshell

If your aim is to develop a product or a service that solves a problem, as long as you solve the problem feasibly, alternative thinking is not harmful at all.

This alternative thinking, simply referred to as Parallel Thinking, compels you to do even more.

Picking the Ignored

The problem with rational, or even semi rational, thinking is the try to stick to the normal.

In terms of rationality, this behaviour makes sense. But, from a semi-rational perspective, arguably, this is the wrong way of looking at things in a human manner.

The moment you accept your semi-rationality is the day you will start thinking of alternatives – of steps that you would have ignored in a stricter environment.

Further Motivation for Parallel Thinking

If you need further motivation, just keep in mind that most consumers only care about the value they get from a product or the service.

In other words, humans are not process driven. Mostly, they just care about the feeling of using a product or a service.

So, as long as your product or service serves a purpose, you have done your job.

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