In a previous article, we talked about targeting people’s interests as a marketing strategy.

We suggested that doing so minimises your chances of killing prospects. You can read the original piece here

From there, the next logical step is to tackle what the said interests are. The top of the list here is travelling.

The Visual Effect

Travelling is one of the few categories that creates stunning visuals. 

Put simply, the only other parallels that can rival good travel visuals, from a business perspective, are food and clothing

And, this notion of travel being a great interest option is supported by a recent study conducted by Ipsos Mory, where 21,000 instagram users took part. 

Specifically, the travel interest stands at an impressive 45%, beating music, food, drinks, and even sports. And, when we look at some travel industry hits, the results start making further sense.

The Results

In a way, we are writing this article at a slightly wrong time. 

Thomas Cook has just collapsed. However, we can attribute the failure of Thomas Cook to bad debt management and time lagging, instead of the service itself.

However, if we look at the Instagram landscape in general, there are great examples of using travel as a business propeller.

From social media influencers to businesses, such as Airbnb and, there are ample examples of travel being used impeccably to produce content of great public interest. So is the power of travel related content that industries that are not directly connected with travel, are also using the option to a great extent. 

For example, fashion and auto companies are pouncing on opportunities to produce content around location searches. Whether they are using hashtags, e.g. in the case of Lamborghini, or forwarding an image of travel and fun, social media is full of major businesses targeting travel as their interest marketing strategy. 

At a personal level, even Axies Digital has decided to make travel an integral part of our marketing strategy, even though our focus is SEO.