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We live in an age of information overload. Whether it’s general or sales based, we are drowned in content on a daily basis.

Given the situation, if you think that your product or service stands as the centre of your potential clients attention, you need to let go of this wishful thinking. In fact, it’s not really about the product or service, as a whole, anymore. So, direct advertisement doesn’t even work most of the time.

You might even be causing an inconvenience to your potential clients, going through their everyday life. (All those YouTube ads especially piss me off).

Times are Changing

I am not implying here that businesses cannot succeed anymore.

People still develop new products and services, people still buy. But, the buying patterns have seen huge changes. It’s just the way we look at our business that needs to change to keep up.

If you think from a content perspective, it is not about production quality anymore – it is about value – value in the short, mid, and long term.

As long as you are adding a little to the life of your potential clients, you keep living in the game.

As long as you come in the public eye, mostly positively, your time will come.

The bottom line is, if you can engage people with your content, mentally and physically, you are winning. Whether you have come to this page through Facebook, Google, or any other medium, we are winning.

Changing Customer Journey

The term customer journey is different now.

Every step on the ladder of engagement is a part of the customer journey. Every step here is a micro-moment. And, Google suggests the same. (Google’s micro-moments focus is on mobile searches but the lessons are translatable).

Whether your focus is on research, thinking deeper about your business value, or even sales driven comparisons, you are talking like a serious business, and people will get to know you more.

Content is just the beginning of the journey.

People still end up clicking around, sending you messages, and ultimately, becoming long term partners.

If you think that the idea of a well planned, conventional customer journey – one where you target a potential client and try to make a sale in a linear fashion – still works, let me burst your bubble once again. You are not only wasting your efforts because someone can swoop in for the kill, you are also over targeting.

Demonstrating Business Understanding

Human attention spans are on a decline and you should focus on breaking down your content into smaller, regular bits. Set your targets free and make sure that they come across you, here and there, regularly.

And, this is what we have been doing at Axies Digital – not doing conventional sales and annoying people. We talk about our business values, understanding, and results regularly – providing rounded information to our target audience. What else can a client want? We don’t just talk about our understanding of business, we demonstrate it on a regular basis.

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