McDonald’s France has teamed up with TBWA\Paris to promote its home delivery service in an eye-catching way. 

The ad campaign features three of McDonald’s most notable products – ice cream, fries and burgers. Instead of using traditional billboards, McDonald’s chose to repurpose French doorways as the canvas for their works of art. 

Let’s take a closer look at this unique marketing strategy.

McDelivery campaign
Image Source: The Drum

The Creative Process Behind the Doorway Ads

McDonald’s France spent months developing the concept behind this campaign. The team wanted to create something that was memorable, attention-grabbing and would leverage the brand’s existing imagery in a way that was both creative and humorous. 

After much deliberation, they decided on transforming French doorways into giant ads featuring iconic menu items from McDonald’s.

The designs are quite detailed, from the golden arches adorning each doorway to the realistic shadows cast by each product. In order to achieve such accuracy, McDonald’s worked closely with 3D animators and illustrators who took an intricate approach when creating these ads. As a result, each one looks incredibly lifelike; you could almost believe that these doorways actually exist somewhere!

McDelivery campaign
McDonald’s Ice-cream Doorway

The Elements of Successful Advertising

The Home Delivery advertising campaign highlights how important it is to think outside the box when it comes to marketing strategies. 

Consumers today are bombarded with advertisements every day; it is no longer enough just to have a great product or service — you need an equally great advertisement that resonates with your target audience in order for them to remember your brand. 

McDonald’s France understood this need for creativity and developed a unique ad campaign that has proven successful in increasing awareness about its home delivery service.


McDonald’s France has created a clever advertising campaign that is turning heads all across France and beyond! From its inception through execution, this campaign shows how effective creative advertising can be when executed correctly and leverages existing imagery in unexpected ways. With campaigns like this one, it is no wonder why McDonald’s continues to dominate the fast-food industry!