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What is Fintech?

(It’s just annoying when people reply back with “Financial Technology”, like that means something. An answer needs to be deeper than uttering an abbreviation). 

Fintech refers to applications, processes, products, and/or business models in the financial services industry – an end to end digital process.

So, when we are establishing the need for digital marketing for Fintech companies, we generally focus on the digitality of Fintech itself. Put simply, we say you are a digital-based business, and your marketing needs to have a digital edge too.

But, that is not enough. 

Branding, content, PR, SEO, social media, or whatever connected with the marketing aspects of Financial Tech needs to have the x-factor. 

Let’s explore further.

General Themes of Fintech

When we dig deeper, it becomes clear that the application of Fintech has mainly occurred in four areas: Insurance, Trading, Banking, and Risk Management.

On face value, none of this is new. All the mentioned areas have existed for centuries now.

But, it is when we dive further into the topic, we find the general themes of Fintech.

Fintech places itself as an alternative to traditional wealth management. More specifically, Fintech tries to build its rapport with people that do not necessarily understand investments or banking by the book per se. But, nonetheless, they want to take this option. 

This opens up the room for communication and branding – an opening to stand out. And, doing this digitally, is simply the logical solution because of the digital nature of Fintech.

So, Fintech is disruptive by nature. In other words, Fintech is disrupting traditional wealth management.

Disruptive Marketing

Since the introduction of the internet and later, digital marketing, there are not many industries that have not been affected extensively by the digital. 

And, whether for good or bad reasons, the financial sector is one of them. The only other examples I can think of here are arts and craft or the timber industry. (Massages too, but let’s keep that out).

But now, Fintech has come along – the disruptors of the financial sector.

And, your marketing strategies should portray this disruption.

In fact, this disruption should be the basis of how you connect with your potential market. In other words, your job is to connect with people that are disruptors themselves.

And, there are so many disruptors and believers of disruptors out there that, according to Business Insider, Fintech is the fastest growing industry in the UK. 

In fact, according to KPMG, the worldwide investment in Fintech reached US$ 111.8 Billion in 2018. And, this number is expected to keep growing, based on the growth in Fintech in the last decade or so.

So, now is your time to brand yourself well to stand out in the crowd.

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