Axies Digital talks about personalisation a lot. We are called out on it regularly and our processes are questioned. But, the answer is always in strategic understanding and putting humanised systems in place.

We believe that the high end market is sick of mass production, especially in the case of services. Therefore, companies like IBM are changing their pricing structure for industrial solutions and are developing products to cater specific needs.

But, this does not mean that the products and services are developed completely from scratch. We are not living in an era where each car part was handmade and then put together. From a costs perspective, managing personalisation is a great challenge.

So, how can IBM offer personalised services?

The solution is in understanding the details.

Detailed Analysis of Personalised Needs

When an organisation comes up with it’s needs to IBM, let’s say an integrated data management system, with the years of expertise behind, IBM is able to put together a product or service that caters best to that clients needs. But, an integrated data management system in itself is not unique. It is built through a combination of smaller sections of the tool that come together to get the job done.

Simply put, IBM has systems in place that develop sub-products at a small scale. The combination of these products then creates that unique product to meet the needs of any client. It is entirely possible to have a completely unique product from IBM – one that is not exactly the same as the product created by IBM for anyone else – yet there is a sensibility to the whole madness.

Personalisation Strategy at Axies Digital

Similarly, at Axies Digital, none of our clients get the same package. Therefore, when we ask the question of budgeting or personal needs from a client, we really mean to understand the needs. As a result, our initial meetings run for hours, because we want to dig into the hidden information.

The beauty of this process is, our clients end up thinking about their products and services from a deeper angle too, discovering new dimensions and possibilities for their business.

At the end, based on collecting the right data and information, we are able to pitch a strategic direction that benefits the whole system.

Let’s give an example. For instance, if you need SEO for your business, we need to understand your product or service, your ideal clients, the right tone to use, and the ambitions.

Based on this information then, we are able to put the right writers in place, do an informed research on the needed keywords, and build partnerships with the correct businesses to build your community. The result? We achieve our results faster than any of our competitors.

A similar story can be presented for our web design, social media services, and beyond. We have simply put a system of managing personalisation that leads to great results for each of the parties.