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Humans get into a habit of thinking that their whole existence is unique. And, so do businesses.

It is true that at a detailed level, we have differences. But, as a collective, there is more in common than to contrast between us.

Yet, we get into the habit of reinventing the wheel every time we begin a new project.

And, a business is no different here again.

We start thinking that the way to make a business successful is completely different from one sector to another. But, if we try harder, we will find commonalities to build forward from.

Making a Hit

One of my favourite things to suggest to entrepreneurs, and especially startups is, starting off with the mentality of making a hit. Let’s elaborate further.

Martin Hirt at McKinsey & Company, puts this really well with examples.

In the fashion sector, all you need to do is facilitate a trend. The day a fashion brand does this is the day the designer name becomes big. Then, you keep fueling the trend until it is time to change and connect with a new generation of targets. (Gucci is a good example here with the current changes to the brand imagery).

Similarly, in oil and gas, companies will spend billions of pounds in research to hit one worthy location – one worthy location that will be the focus of the company for decades to come. And, then the search continues to hit the next place.

You can apply the same mentality in movie making, investing in new stocks, and so on.

But, we need this mentality in every business.

Focus & Growth Strategy

Instead of doing 10 things at the same time and hoping that 1 of them works, you need to invest in the place with the highest potential – or you need to build that potential with the right steps. Do not start a business with the mentality of “let’s see what happens”.

The fact that 90% of businesses do not survive the first 3 years of operations, it is time to make a change to the way we look at starting a business. Start with the mentality of making a hit from the word go.

This principle also applies to the businesses that get too comfortable in a spot.

Growth Must Continue

Having 5 clients that pay handsomely and a team of 10 people does not mean that you will not be challenged or you are safe.

5 clients is far from a hit.

You need to reach a point where your name is associated with the right words. (I will let you personalise these words).

This is where we come in.

Our Offer

Axies Digital works with expanding businesses to reach further clients through marketing and tweaking growth strategies based on applied and digital psychology. We put you on the right platforms, whether it is Google or social media, and use the right language to boost your business in the right direction.

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